Thursday, April 26, 2018

IHSW - April Conclusion

I'm a little late posting about IHSW, it ended this past Monday, but when has that stopped anyone? ;) IHSW is a great time to spend your weekend stitching and ignoring housework. Wait... that might be like most other weekends for me. 

There's a Facebook group as well if you're posting your stitching online there as well. 

As many of you mentioned, the Fishing project for my uncle is close to a finish, so I did try and concentrate on that one. It was here:

and is now here:
2 over 2 on 28 ct Tempest by Chromatic Alchemy
You may notice there's something missing on the upper right side. I had made a mistake a while ago and decided to try and come at it another way. I had thought I could maybe save it, but I think it was best to frog everything and try again. It's right where the chart splits in half, so I had miscounted a few rows across. If I add in all of the things on the far right, then it hopefully won't happen again. 

I've also still been knitting and managed to finish my 2nd Jodi shawl:

I really like how this one came out. The middle yarn is a really fun variegation and I like the fact I can wear with this with practically anything. 

And I had started this project a couple weeks ago, and maybe now you can even tell what it is!

In case you can't, it's a sock! My very first sock. It's still unfinished, I think I'm at a spot where I have to knit in the round for a while until the foot part is long enough, then do the toe and it's done. It's a shorty sock, part of a SAL from my LYS, Must Love Yarn. I keep forgetting to mention, if you like podcasts, they do one most every week and they're hilarious! So definitely watch if you like to stitch or knit along with a couple fun companions. Their website and podcasts can be found here

And that was my weekend. I hope you all had good weekends, whether or not you were able to get much stitching done. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. Awesome progress on fishing and congrats on the beautiful finish Tiffany.


  2. Nice projects, both stitching and knitting. And you made some great progress on them this month.

  3. Great progress on your pieces. I just love your knitting.

  4. Well done on the sock, it looks perfect.

  5. Beautiful progress on everything. Sorry the frog decided to come and visit your fishing piece. Sure looks beautiful though.

  6. Erf, it always feels dangerous stitching the "edges" where charts split the design. Great first sock too. The patterned yarn makes for a fun sock :D

  7. Great work on Fishing, even if you did catch a frog!

  8. Great progress on Fishing, and great start on your first socks! They are scary at first, but once I started making them it was much easier than I thought.


Thanks for any comments!

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