Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fully Finished Gallery SAL - February 2019

Rachel of Ten Hour Stitcher had the brilliant idea of hosting a fully-finished SAL to help us get all our old and new cross stitches fully finished. I hope to keep up with it, or at least finish one a month.

I did finish one project last month that I posted about and I have another fully finished project as of last night, plus one that's on its way to being finished.

First up is Joy from JCS Ornament issue 2018:

Very simple running stitch on felt for this one with a hanger.

Next is a gift for DD for Valentine's Day:

This is a free design by Barbara Ana that I found with Jo's link for the People's Choice SAL in February. I used GITD thread for the stars and moon and stash threads for the rest. Again, a simple felt finish and the cross stitch was wrapped around stiff cardboard first.

And for the one that's not quite fully finished, I attempted to do a canvas finish for Dog Lessons by Lizzie Kate. I still need to find some matching washi tape for this one as the stuff I had on hand doesn't match. 

And yes, I'm aware tape isn't the best idea, but I like how well this fits the frame and it's about the only way it will stay. So I'll find some dark brown I think and finish this off and frame it. It's an old canvas someone gave me for DD, but something she's not interested in hanging up, so I'm repurposing it. 

I hope you've all had good luck with your finishes this past month!

Happy Stitching and Finishing!



  1. Great finishes and an almost finish.

  2. Love the way you finished your pieces Tiffany. They look great.


  3. Lovely stitching, you have been busy.


  4. Great finishes Tiffany, I love the Dog Lessons embroidery and the finish for Valentine´s day.

  5. Lovely finishes, Tiffany! The glow in the dark moon and stars are great and the Dog Lessons is a sweet piece full of excellent advice.

  6. All wonderful finishes, I love To the Moon and Back! Dog Lessons is a cute one too.

  7. Your finishes are so creative! In fact they've given me some ideas.

  8. Thank you for joining in with the SAL, and with not one but two (and almost three) finishes! They all look great. Now, using a canvas is not something I'd thought about so you might have given me an idea there... hmm... Midnight Manor perhaps? :)

  9. Ah, the joy of a finish! Can't say I even remember what that feels like, but apparently you rock it!

  10. Great finishes Tiffany! They’re all so cute! I keep trying to finish some of my projects. You would think one would be easy at least! Grrrr!
    Barbara xx

  11. Lovely finishes, the little Joy is really pretty

  12. That book mark is very sweet, and I love the dog lessons!


Thanks for any comments!

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