Thursday, February 18, 2016

DUCFJC 2016 - February 18 - HAED Basset

Okay, okay, I realize it's insane to start a HaED design when I have so many WIPs, but this one is really fun, and it's not a fully covered design. 

I'm going to tent stitch 2 over 1 on 25 count charcoal grey linen. Here's my start so far:

This is exactly in the middle, so it's the bright yellow somewhat triangular section near the ear on the right side. I'm stitching it diagonally to join the HaED challenge on Facebook as well. Go big or go home right? ;)

Happy Stitching, 



  1. What a cute chart Tiffany. You have good progress so far.


  2. You made a good progress. Good luck with the challenge !!

  3. In for a penny.... as the saying goes. As long a it's just the one HAED it's not too bad. You haven't got any more planned have you?! :)

  4. Crazy yes, but why not? It's supposed to be fun.

  5. I like your style! Go big or go home indeed.
    This is a great pattern and those colors will be fantastic on that fabric!

    1. Thanks! It's been hanging around for years, so I'm happy to have an excuse to start it.

  6. Insane but as long as you're having fun! :)
    And, it's a lovely colourful chart too, so we can't blame you for starting it.

  7. I don't think it's crazy! Coincidentally I just started a HAED, 2 over 1 tent stitch on 25 count cream evenweave �� I was testing out the coverage and I don't think it's too bad. Unluckily for me the corner I started in is all confetti but it does mean that I am parking. I shall enjoy watching this Bassett hound grow :)

  8. Ohhh this one is too cute! I love basset hounds. I'll enjoy watching this one grow.

  9. It will be interesting to see how the bright colors change the depth of the fabric...I'm excited to see it!

  10. You are brash and bold, but those colours should look wonderful on that fabric. Good luck!


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