DUCJFC 2016 - February 13 - Frosty Friends #3 and Colouring In an Owl

Time to bring out another Frosty Friend! Here's what they look like again:

I worked on the middle one with 2 snowmen and again, it's annoying to stitch in the middle of this fabric. I don't know if I should cut them all out of the fabric or try and work out something different with my Qsnaps. 

Anyways, I only got a little bit done:

and then I rushed back to my owl because I really couldn't wait to try out the new Jodyri thread for Owl #2 and here's where I managed to get!

I'm trying to keep the colours somewhat the same across the owl, so I've been picking and choosing where the threads go. I hope I can keep it up without wasting a lot of thread. I saw someone else's on the Facebook group for the SAL and they had a rainbow effect with no repetition, but this thread works this way, and I really wanted to use it! 

It's Jodyri Over a Rainbow and I think it's a perfect name. I like the effect next to the darker colours on the 1st owl as well. It will either make the 3rd owl colours really easy to choose or really difficult. We'll see. The third owl came out this week, so I'm not too far behind yet. That's a shock, believe me. 

Happy Stitching, and we'll see if tomorrow brings more of this or if I stick with something else. 



  1. He looks great and beautiful floss Tiffany.


  2. The snowmen are my favourites! I'm very tempted by these cute ornaments.
    Love the rainbow thread too for your latest owl. Well done on keeping up with these.

  3. I love the snowmen, too! Can't wait to see them stitched up. Your owl looks amazing with that floss! I can see why you were excited to use it!

  4. Have you tried a Q-Snap huggy? It's basically a piece of fabric with elastic in it that holds you fabric out of the way? I couldn't live without mine. I just roll the extra up and put the huggy around it.

    I love the thread on the owl. Beautiful work!

  5. Love the floss choice for the owl. Hope you can work out something for your Friends fabric. Personally I wouldn't cut it, but that's because I hate working with small pieces way more than large ones.

  6. Oh no, not another cute start! I think your Frosty Friends are appealing to a lot of stitchers! Your second owl looks fantastic. I have a lot of patience but I don't know if I'd have enough to try to get the colours to match horizontally! Good luck and keep stitching! :)

  7. Amazing progress on both. The rainbow owl looks so cool.

  8. Love the rainbow thread for your owl, it looks superb!

  9. I am adoring your owls and so excited every time I see a picture update in my feed :)

  10. I can't wait to see the piece as a whole!


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