Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Phone Apps

Welcome to another Top 10 Tuesday! Don't forget to check out the lists at Kate's and Keeble's blogs as well. I'm sure we'll have a few different ones in this category. 

Today's topic is:

TOP 10 PHONE APPS (Android)

I'd like to preface this list by mentioning how little I play on my phone. I know it's big with a lot of people, but I'd rather stitch. :)

1. Audible

I use this app literally every day. I listen to audio books when I drive to work, when I stitch, sometimes before I go to sleep. This is a decent app and it lists your credits when you go to the store part as well. You can search audio books as well as play them with this app, so it's definitely a good one if you have an Audible membership. And it's free too. 

2. Glympse

I really like this one. It basically broadcasts your location and lets whomever you send it to know when you might be arriving. For example, I use it every night after work to let DH know when I'll be home. He can see how fast I'm driving, if I'm stuck in traffic, or if I stop somewhere on the way home. It's also free!

3. Tiny Towers: Vegas

This is a silly little game where you build a structure vertically. You earn gold by the game automatically selling things on each floor and you keep building up until you beat it I assume? I've been playing it for a couple months and I'm about done with it now, so I may quit soon. I do have 28 floors though! 

It's a quick game really and you don't need any "friends" to help you or anything like that. It's also free and it's something you could spend a few minutes on here and there throughout your day, so it doesn't even take up too much time. 

It takes a bit to get your tower going at first, but once you have a few levels it is much easier. 

4. Cross Stitch Fabric Calculator

This is a simple free app that helps you with fabric calculations if you're not at your computer. It's similar to any other ones out there. 

5. Google Play Music

This is not a free app. But it's pretty cool. They have almost any song you could think of and you pay a monthly fee to stream anything you want. You can even download the songs to stay on your phone in case you're not near wi-fi or data. You can't access them except through the app, but that's not a huge deal. 

6. Starbucks

I admit it, I do go to Starbucks occasionally. This app makes it easy to keep track how much money is left on your card and you can pay with the app instead of carrying your card with you. 

7. Google Hangouts

This app makes it so easy to chat with anyone, whether by SMS or Hangout. I prefer this to any SMS system I've used. 

8. Zoe Video Editor

When Google Photos changed and made it more difficult to create videos I tried this app out. It works pretty well and the collage videos it made worked easily. You're limited on how many clips you can use, which makes it a little more difficult, but I managed. 

9. Moe's Restaurant 

Moe's is a great little Mexican style restaurant that has tons of fresh toppings and ethically raised meats. Their app is fun and says "Welcome to Moe's" just like they do when you walk into the restaurant. I've never had an issue with their ordering system. 

10. Google Keep

This one I love! Checklists! This is how I do my shopping list now and I never have to worry about losing the list in one pocket or the other or not having it with me. This is probably my favourite Google app. 

Thanks for reading my list and what are your favourite apps? 



  1. All new to me, but then I don't have an Android. And like you, my phone is for function, not for play. Thanks for some ideas though.

  2. Most of those are new to me. I use Audible as well and LOVE it, however I had to stop checking the Daily Deals as I was spending too much. I use What's App which I find great as you can create groups and messages go to everyone in that group.

  3. Great list! I have a few games I'm addicted to which I agree take up way too much time haha.

  4. We literally have three completely different views on these! How interesting! Last I heard, The My Disney Experience App did have an Android counterpart

  5. Hmm, my favorite apps? I don't think I could come up with ten but All Recipes Pro (I had the free one but got some random coins for some other purchase so I upgraded to Pro), Stash2Go (ravelry app), Twitter, Amazon (price check/matching with stores is great), and Floss Checklist are probably up there. I use Google Keep a lot, too. Reminders are great for those scatterbrained housewives LOL.


Thanks for any comments!

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