DUCJFC 2016 - February 21 - Letters from Nora - L

Another Letter from Nora? What? Well, if you remember me stitching K last year, here's the finish, the friend I was stitching it for just had her third daughter! So with A already stitched by another friend and now K, which yes, I still need to frame, L will be all of her daughter's initials. 

L will look like this when complete:
image from 123stitch.com

And I only managed a very small start:

Because I'm stitching on my owl again! And I really love how it's turning out:

I love this thread, although I'm still concerned I'm going to run out. I had better buy some more. :) 

Happy Stitching, 



  1. Owl is looking wonderful. I really like the letters I've seen stitched and this looks like another beauty.

  2. Lovely start Tiffany. The owl looks great and I love the floss.


  3. I love how the fairy is perched on the letter L. Pretty new start and more great progress on your owls!

  4. Lovely start !! The owl is looking cute:)

  5. Sweet new start & your owl is looking better & better :)

  6. Great start, and still love the owl! :)

  7. Your owl is cute. That letter L will be amazing. Beautiful work!

  8. I'm not sure why, but I call this owl the "80's owl" for some reason...not really in line with the Dory owl, but you know my crazy mind!

  9. Oh wonderful, another Letter Fairy! As you know I'm totally obsessed with the letters at the moment. I have done all but the beads for S and I just adore her.
    Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  10. L is going to be beautiful! Love your owl.

  11. Another gorgeous new start and great progress on your owl. He must be very satisfying to stitch in such bright colours. :)


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