DUCJFC 2016 - February 1 - AAN Maple Leaf WIP

Here we are in the second month of the challenge! After feeling some burn-out a couple weeks ago I reassessed what I was planning to stitch and changed things up a little bit with some advice from all of you and especially Rachel, the Ten-Hour Stitcher. Thank you again!

I pulled out another WIP today from last year's challenge, the AAN Maple Leaf. It will look like this when finished:

Last year's start got me here:
And tonight I managed to here:

I'm using WDW Blaze stitching 2 over 1 on 14 count Aida from Silkweavers. This may be a gift for my SIL or it may be something I keep for us. I kind of like the new Maple Leaf by Charting Creations, so I might have to keep that one for us. 
But I might finish this WIP relatively soon, and I haven't even purchased the other one, so we'll see. 

I also picked up Lucy to finish her off tonight:

Another fun one to finish!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Congratulations on finishing Lucy and well done on your progress. I shall certainly enjoy watching another month of your craziness. I'm glad the advice helped. :)

  2. Lovely fabric for the maple leaf, the thread really does look good on it.

  3. Your maple leaf is beautiful, especially on that fabric! Great job on Lucy:)

  4. Oooh I love that beautiful maple leaf and really good progress on it!

  5. Oh they are both beautiful. I personally like the top one more cause I like lines and swirly instead of block if that makes any sense at all haha. They are both beautiful though. Great job finishing off Lucy.

  6. I'm really curious to see what thread you use for the Charting Creations Maple Leaf!

  7. Hurray for Lucy! Those maple leaf designs are very pretty.

  8. That Maple leaf is going to be stunning on that fabric. Great work! :)


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