Saturday, February 27, 2016

DUCJFC 2016 - February 27 - Totally Nuts!

No, this isn't a comment on my doing the DUCJFC. It is a new start! This was in Just CrossStitch last year I think. I'm stitching it for a cross-stitching friend that doesn't really follow my blog, so hopefully she won't realize I'm stitching anything for her until I send it to her for her birthday. I have a few months to complete it, but I won't say when her birthday is in case she every checks this post. :)

Here's the new start:

I think she'll get a kick out of this one. I'm stitching it with DMC 2 over 1 on L'Amour by Chromatic Alchemy

And as you can see it's a little start because I picked up my owl again:

I'm so close! I still think I need another skein of thread, which will arrive near the end of March, but I'd like to continue to finish as much as I can. 

Thank you again for all your wonderful comments, 2 days to go!

Happy Stitching,



  1. So close now you can almost touch the finish line! I hope you have something spectacular planned for the grand finale! :)

  2. The owl is looking very cute:) Good start on the gifting piece as well.

  3. Love your new start Tiffany. The owl looks great.


  4. That's a cute Autumn design, I'm sure your friend will love it.

  5. Wonderful new start and I love the progress on the colorful Owl too!

  6. That is a really cute new start and great progress on the owl.

  7. Wonderful progress on the owl, he is so funky. Love the new start too.

  8. Stuff the new start, that little owl is soooo cute & it's coming along so nicely... The star of today's post ;)

  9. Cute new piece! I bet your friend will love it. Love your owl. Really coming together.


Thanks for any comments!

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