DUCJFC 2016 - February 8 - Zero Suit Samus sprite

Today's the day for my second sprite, and since no one seemed to know about Samus, I thought I'd give you some background. Samus is the character you play as in the Metroid games on Nintendo. The first game came out in 1986. It was a fantastic game and really changed the gaming world. If you finished it really fast then you got a special ending. The ending gave away that you were playing as a female because she was wearing a bikini. You only got the special ending if you finished well though, if it took too long then she was still wearing her space suit.

This reveal was HUGE! All characters in video games were men, unless they were damsels to be rescued. The fact that your kick-ass, awesome, fighting character was a woman was earth-shattering in the gaming world. 

The Metroid series has spawned many, many games. DH is a fan and even replays them because they're so fun. There was one bad one because of story line, The Other M, but the rest have been fantastic. I've played one or two and they are fun. Samus tends to start the game off by losing a lot of the function in her space suit, but you gain it back as you play through the levels. She has a cool gun arm, can roll into a tiny ball, and can wall cling when you jump. 

So, now you know that Samus is a very cool video game woman character who can go toe-to-toe with any other video game character in any series.  

And here's the second Samus sprite design from Dork Stitch! This is the second one listed on her page:

I managed the outline today and the filling in should be pretty quick as well. 

If you like sprites, or if you stitch for someone who does, check out the gallery of Dork Stitch's patterns on the right side of her blog. 

I had a little more time today, so I managed a decent amount of work on Schroeder too:

Happy Stitching!



  1. Thanks for sharing about Samus!!:) and good that you both love the woman character. Makes stitching more interesting. Your owl stitching in the last post is going great too:) Is that a baby blanket size or regular afghan size ?

  2. Nice progress on both pieces Tiffany.


  3. Thanks for the information about Samus but I'm still none the wiser! I have a couple of PC games which I like but that's about it. Anyway, another great start, Tiff. :)

  4. And there I was thinking "Who doesn't know about Samus?" I'm so insulated in my geek culture out here :D

    Thanks so much for the heads up about DorkStitch!!!

  5. Great info! Thanks for sharing. How cool it was a girl character. Great job on your WIPs.

  6. Ooh! That's really cool and interesting and I can totally see how that would have been controversial the . Even now it would be! Pah! I don't play video games so it's interesting seeing all the sprites.

  7. Thanks for the info on Samus and well done on your new start.


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