Monday, February 2, 2015

Another finish! - LK's Oh Baby!

I managed another finish over the weekend, and a mini-finish as well. 

Firstly, LK's Oh Baby! is now complete. 

I used WDW Dutch Iris, Meadow, Mauve and Americana on 28 count African Daisy Jobelan. This was a really fun stitch and I enjoyed the freedom of making my own design from the available motifs. 

I also stitched Sophia's birthday, but I won't be posting that here. I need an 8x8 matte and I can frame this in a 10x10 frame I have at home. 

Yesterday during the Super Bowl I finished part of another of my CJC new starts. I'm stitching six of these on burlap squares. This is the 'O' to go with the completed 'S'

I used WDW Angel Hair and Bright Leaf for the bear and I'm now almost out of Angel Hair so I need to find another skein online. The 'O' is in WDW Blaze. 

I think I'll start the 3rd letter, use up the thread I have and then put these away until I can get some more thread. 

Thanks for looking, and happy stitching!



Thanks for any comments!

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