Sunday, February 8, 2015

February YOTA SAL

I'm a day late with my YOTA post! Hosted by Pull the Other Thread, this is a fun way to work on our acronym projects (UFOs, WIPs, BAPs, etc). I had to work yesterday and I didn't remember I had to post until I started reading everyone else's posts. 

I managed a bit of progress on a few of my pieces this month. 

1. White Wolves - hoping for a November finish, started here:

And I'm here so far. 

I'm concentrating on the upper left corner since I prefer to start there and having it unfinished has been bothering me. I think I'll continue until I have to move the Qsnaps and then go to something different for awhile. Also, check out my new needle minder from Cirrus Creations. :)

2. Otto - did not see any progress past my January post

3. Homeward Bound started here:
and finished here:

I extended out to the left edge so I just need to do that all around and fill in a bit of the inner circle that is yet unstitched, as well as some filler around the circle. 

This is another one I'm hoping will have a November finish. 

4. Skitzzzzz fractal started here:
And finished here:

I'm very happy with my progress on this one and I think having tried a couple HAEDs in the meantime allowed me to get the hang of the confetti stitching much better this time. You can tell by the left edge I was only doing cross country before. I do a combo of cross country and parking and that seems to work for me. I hope to finish the first page at least this year. 

I hope everyone else had a great month and I look forward to reading the rest of your posts and seeing how we do next month!

Happy Stitching,



Thanks for any comments!

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