Turtle Trot - February Edition

The Turtle Trot SAL is a great way to progress on some of our large projects that have been sitting around for awhile. This year I've selected pieces I want to focus on and have managed to finish one. That makes me wonder why I chose it to begin with for this kind of SAL, but I added another project to take up that slot. 

The Turtle Trot is hosted by Claudette at BAP Attack who has been adding to her starts daily! If you haven't been to her blog before you'll be amazed at her determination. 

You'll find all of my TT pieces on the tab and I'll mention the ones that got some love this past month. If you want a little more info on any of them, click on the link for each project. 

3. Bienvenue - FINISHED

4. White Wolves - started here:

and decent progress on the left side to here: with my new needle minder from Cirrus Creations, love!

8. Fry and Leela started here:
and finished here:

9. WW Tribal Dragon started here:
and finished here:

10. Letters From Nora K - new start and you may notice this looks different than last month's photo. I had started 90 degrees off, so I had to unpick everything and start over!

I hope everyone had a good month and I look forward to checking out your progress and cheering you on too. 

Happy Stitching,



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