CJC Day 11 - Dimensions White Wolves kit

This project I'm determined to finish this year. I started it many years ago, I think it was around 2003, and it's been languishing since then. I had trouble with the blends and different thread lengths back then because it was my first more complicated project. It's possible stitching on black was more difficult than I realized as well.

Looking at it now it seems ridiculously easy compared to some of the other projects I've tackled since then. I had initially intended this as a house warming gift for my brother and SIL. Since then they've moved around quite a bit, and yet I still have yet to complete this project. They recently moved again and this time they should be in one place for quite awhile, so I hope to finish this up this year. It's also my brother's 50th birthday, so it would be a great gift. Fortunately that's not until November, so I have some time.

This is what the finished product should look like:

And this is where I am now:


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