Friday, January 9, 2015

CJC - Day 9 - Halloween coaster

And here is one of the smallest and closest to completion WIPs that I picked for CJC. It's a Halloween ornament from the Just Cross Stitch September/October issue. I've stitched a few ornaments from this magazine, I really like their choices, even more so than their 2013 Halloween ornament issue.

This is Backyard Fence on Halloween Night by Eileen Gurak of Handblessings. I started in October this year, but I never did finish it. I'm using some ivory 14 count aida from a stack I purchased on ebay. It's fairly cheap material, and that's fine since I plan on turning this into a usable coaster.

The ornament calls for Rainbow Gallery Splendor silk floss which is a deep purple. I decided to use WDW Jack o'Lantern for the cat, jack o'lantern and the moon, and 3 threads of black for the fence and tree.

Here's where I got to in October:

And after today:

And now it's finished into a coaster. My first CJC finish. :) I hope everyone else is doing well with their stitching too!

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