CJC Day 15 - AAN 2015 Mystery SAL

Okay, I'm going to be brave and throw this out there, I am not thrilled with the start of the AAN Xmas Mystery SAL. I don't understand why it says "Welcome" at the top if this is an advent calendar. So I'm not in love with this so far and I didn't stitch much of it. 

I'm stitching on 28 count Jobelan overe 2 with WDW Turkish Red. The fabric is actually Amsterdam Blue which I find a more green than blue. I couldn't get a great photo of the colour and fiddling with the editing tools didn't help either. 

I'm waiting to see what comes next month and I'll continue to hope for something that fits us better. I don't mind putting different text in the top design, so I'll wait and see. I love AAN designs and I'm starting 2 for this Crazy January Challenge, but I'm disappointed with the start of this SAL. 

I'm much happier with how I progressed on Bienvenue this week!

The end is in sight. Happy Stitching,



  1. I love the red of your SAL. I tend to not to mystery SALs for that very reason. I'm extremely picky when it comes to the designs I like haha. Hope it gets better. Love your progress on the Beinvenue piece.


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