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Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 10 Cakes to Make You Bake

Today's topic is a fun one and I hope writing this after I ate will keep me from snacking. A consequence of writing food-related topics is the hunger that seems to follow looking at gorgeous photos of food! Especially after you check out Kate's and Keeb's posts as well.

I'll include a one-minute cake in my list if you want to satisfy these cravings. :) Also, unless I mention it, I have not attempted these recipes.

Top 10 Cakes to Make You Bake

1. Angel Food Cake

I used to have a problem with angel food cake when I was younger. In that I'd buy one at the grocery store and eat it over the course of a day or two. All by myself. Fortunately those days are over and I limit myself to indulging in the angel food cake my SIL makes. 

She is amazing at angel food cake! She can even whip the egg whites by hand! I have no idea how she manages it, but it always comes out perfectly delicious and spongy and wonderful. 

I would list this one as a challenge for a novice baker, but with some effort it could be successful.

image from epicurious.com
The flourless chocolate cake has been a fairly recent craze since gluten-free has become more and more commonplace. I haven't attempted one, but my best friend from undergrad says it was relatively easy and extremely delicious. Provided you like chocolate of course. :)

image from allrecipes.com
I've made this one twice now and it turned out well both times. If you live in the U.S. I recommend you get your goat cheese at Trader Joe's. It's great quality and a lot cheaper than anywhere else I've found. 

This recipe is a little time-consuming and will take up time in your oven, but it is worth the effort. No one will know it's not cow milk if you have anyone with dairy allergies and the crust is gluten-free if you want, so it works for people with celiac disease as well. 

image from paleomg.com
To give you a sugar break from the other cakes, try this one for a delicious alternative. It's easy to make, just be sure you stir everything very well. I would even mix it in another bowl before you put it in the mug to make sure it's mixed well. It's especially important to mix the coconut flour since it almost seems to resist being mixed with fluid. It's a very strange substance. 

I've made this a few times since it's relatively healthy, but I do usually add some maple syrup to sweeten it. 

image from wellnessmama.com
If when fall hits you're into pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin then give these pancakes a shot. The consistency is more like crepes, so feel free to slather them in other healthy substances like almond butter, etc. or go full on maple syrup! 

They're fairly quick to cook and I had no problems with any of the prep, etc. The eaters of above enjoyed them as well. 

image from rachaelrayshow.com
I used to love watching the Cake Boss. The drama started to get old after awhile, but I still like seeing the cakes put together. I'm sure this recipe is great if Rachael Ray featured it, so give it a try for your next event! 

image from allrecipes.com

Once upon a time when I was in high school, Mom and I were cleaning out the cupboards. We found a box of pound cake mix. We though, let's give it a shot and use it up. We ended up using all the butter in the house because, quiz time, guess why it's called pound cake? 

It uses a pound of butter!

It turned out well, and maybe it's slightly better with shortening? It's relatively easy to make, so give it a shot!

image from everydaymaven.com
I've made this one and it's a great, simple way to have chocolate cake in a few minutes. The great thing about this cake is it's single serve so it satisfies the need for cake without having to make a whole cake. 

Again, make sure you mix everything thoroughly, but this turns out well every time I've made it. Also, since it has an egg you can have it for breakfast right? Or is that only me?

image from thepioneerwoman.com
This recipe claims to be the best coffee cake ever, so if you try it, let me know. She gives some great how-to photos so you can check your consistency with the different ingredients as you mix them, and it doesn't look too difficult. If you like cinnamon and pecans, this is one to try. 

image from allrecipes.com
I love carrot cake, but I haven't had it in years. DH hates things with carrot baked into them, and if I made a carrot cake I would have to eat all of it. And I can't get it elsewhere since it always has cream cheese icing and that always has dairy in it. So, enjoy this recipe and let me know if you make it so I can live vicariously through you!

I hope you enjoyed the list and try one of the mug cakes if you have any cravings. :)



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  2. Some of those healthy alternatives look quite good!

    I am with your husband...for me fruit is bad enough in cakes, but add veggies and I'm SOOO out of there!


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