Friday, March 20, 2015

Found It! (WW Basset)

I found my WW Basset the next night and have 2 nights of progress on it. Only one night had a lot of progress though because I got home late the next night.  Maybe with IHSW I'll be able to get a little farther on this weekend. 

The fabric colour is a little more brown than this, but I can't photograph it well with my phone. This is the middle of the basset and I plan on stitching the back end ;) first. I'm going to adjust the feet a little. I'd like to make the pattern a little smaller for the back feet and larger for the front feet so it matches our basset a little better. He had massive front paws and teeny back paws as most purebred bassets do. 

Otto demonstrates this well in his pumpkin costume from 2012. I still miss you!

Happy Stitching, and Happy IHSW everyone!



  1. LOL Should have waited to comment on the last post till I saw this one. So glad you found your piece. Love the photo of your furbaby. They sure do take pieces of our hearts when they leave us.

  2. The pumpkin costume is so CUTE!
    Nice work on your WIP!


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