Monday, March 23, 2015

IHSW - March Conclusion

IHSW is over for another month. Check out everyone's stitching over at Random Ramblings.

Apparently I'm feeling flighty lately because I kept switching projects this weekend. I did a small amount of work on White Wolves and took it out of the Qsnaps to finish some of the back stitch and take a photo of the entire piece so far. 

I worked most of the time on WW Tribal Basset. I'm really enjoying how it's coming together, although I think I'm going to be short 2 skeins of the thread I'm using, WDW Mascara. Since I'm also short 2 skeins for my Alphabet Bears at least this will be enough for an order once I get my tax return. 

Here's where WW Basset is at now, and I managed to get a better photo of the fabric:

I'm almost at the very back and will begin his back leg soon. I'd like to finish this within the next week or so if possible, but then I decided to get a few cards made for Easter since I let St. Patrick's Day slip by without making anything. 

The first one is stitched with Waterlilies Peach Melba and I think it's the perfect colour for an Easter Egg. The design is a free one from Passion Broderie and I read about the site on Cross Stitch Review. I think it will take a couple more days if not longer. 

Hope everyone had a great IHSW!



  1. Lots of great progress on your pieces. I just love the wolves, they look fantastic!!

  2. Lovely progress Tiffany. I love the Peach Melba floss.


  3. Lots of random stitching this weekend!! They all look great. I remember stitching the white wolves many years ago. I still have never stitched on black fabric again!! It looks great, but will make you go blind:)

    1. :) I think that may be why it's been 10 years or so and it's still unfinished.

  4. Great projects all - love the wolves in particular.

  5. Wonderful progress! I'm always flighty with my stitching; can't focus on just one thing.

  6. Great progress! Love that Caron silk you are using, such vibrant colours, can't wait to see the finish!

  7. Very nice progress!
    Oh, that is a bright egg. Will be beautiful!
    Love you fabric on Bassett

    1. Thank you! And it's something from Silkweaver's, but I forget the colour.


Thanks for any comments!

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