Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Turtle Trot - March Edition

Turtle Trot is hosted by the amazing Claudette at BAP Attack. Turtle Trot is a great way to work on the large projects that need some love, even if there's no hope of finishing them in the next few years. 

Instead, I chose 10 projects with some hope of finishing a few of them this year. There are some true Turtle Trot projects in this group that will take years, but I chose 10, now 11, that I hope to work on the most this year. 

5. Dimensions Wish - I worked a lot on this project this past month and I think I might continue until it's finished, but we'll see. Here it is now:

7. White Wolves got a little bit of love as well:

8. Fry and Leela - FINISHED!

I haven't worked on any others this month, but I'm especially proud of my finish on Fry and Leela. That's been a WIP since 2012. 

I'd like to add another one to my 10 in progress, so I'll add in Homeward Bound, another one that needs a lot of love to get finished. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. Great progress on the ones you worked on. Congrats again on the finish! Good luck till the next check in.

  2. Nice progress and great finish Tiffany.


  3. Great update! Beautiful stitching!

  4. They all look great! Congrats on your finish!!


Thanks for any comments!

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