Wednesday, May 13, 2015

30 Day Challenges Day 2 - 10 Safe Foods

Since I gave a list of foods I'm avoiding yesterday I'll lists foods I get to enjoy today. 

1. Cashews

I find cashews delicious and a good source of protein. They also tend to have less pesticides than almonds, so they're healthier that way as well. Trader Joe's has roasted, unsalted cashews and they're much more palatable that way than raw. 

2. Beans

The musical fruit. :) Fortunately I tend to have beans frequently and the gastrointestinal upset doesn't tend to happen any more. Beans are another great protein source as well as a good iron source, a very important part of any woman's diet. 

3. Maple Water

For those in the know, this is sap. It has a light maple taste and makes it easier to get all the hydration you need in a day since water is pretty tasteless and it's hard to get enough of it each day. 

4. Crunchy Curls (Lentil and Potato snack)

I've been thwarted in my attempts to purchase these over the last couple of days since the local Trader Joe's is out! I'm sure they'll be back in at some point. I like this snack much more than the reviewer. I don't find them too hard and they have a good taste. Granted if you're dipping them in hummus or something, that's not a bad thing either. 

5. Hummus

Another great source of protein and dietary fiber. Fortunately I really like hummus, even plain. You can dip practically anything in it, and you can also use it on wraps or sandwiches as a spread. Hummus can be made from almost anything and I've tried a few different varieties, including beet. That was pretty tasty as well. 

6. Poultry

I'm not a big red meat-eater from reading too many articles about the dangers of red meat consumption. I can only eat red meat well done and there may be some danger of carcinogens cooking it that way. Therefore chicken and turkey are a good choice. We don't have them too often since I'm still a little iffy on safe practices with animals and I'll try and buy organic if I can afford it. 

7. Cheese

One of my favourite foods. When I first discovered my dairy allergy I was pretty upset about never eating cheese again. Within a couple years I tried goat cheese and I didn't react, so now it is something I'll eat a few times a week. I have to be careful to get enough calcium since I can't have most commercially available calcium sources and goat cheese is a great source. 

8. Eggs

An easy meal at any time of day as long as I'm at home. I will spend the extra on cage free eggs and occasionally organic eggs and I often buy egg whites for an easy scrambled egg meal. My favourite spice to add is a New England garlic pepper rub, yum!

9. Chocolate Pudding

That's right, chocolate pudding. The whole recipe has one tablespoon of honey, and I've tried it before, it's delicious. It may not be as simple as pouring a pack of powder into milk, but it's healthier and has no refined sugar. 

10. Tiffstitch's Green Tea Latte

I fully admit to adapting this recipe from my local health food cafe although it's not quite the same since I don't have an industrial milk steamer and the matcha powder I use tastes different, and I use less. 

I use a teaspoon of powdered matcha green tea, heat it for one minute in a few tablespoons of water, then add about a cup and half of almond milk, heat it for 1-2 minutes depending on how hot I want it, add sweetener (maple syrup), a teaspoon or less and enjoy. 

I have been pretty good, although I'm craving that health food store's baked goods today. They're just so darn tasty. I did make some coconut flour cupcakes last night since it's DD's 18 month birthday and used maple syrup for sweetener. They seemed to turn out well. The frosting will contain honey or maple syrup as well, not powdered sugar. It tends to be runnier, but still delicious. 

Happy stitching,



  1. Interesting choices. I'm lucky that I don't have any food intolerances, but I am trying to eat as healthy as possible.

    1. Thanks. Then unsweetened yogurt would be a great and inexpensive choice for you. There isn't a lot dairy free out there, but if you can have cow milk, you're all set.

  2. I'm quite picky when it comes to food and I wondered what you would be able to eat but most of the things in this list I do like, you are turning into my food guru! Lol

    1. I've learned a lot of about food and what is good for me and what's not from this blog:

      There are a lot of good recipes and information on what foods to avoid, what foods help you the most to decrease inflammation, etc.

    2. Hey that's great! I'll definitely check it out :)

  3. Being a person with food intolerances myself I feel your pain! You are lucky that you can still eat goat's cheese - I could for a while but it soon went the way of cow's milk, so only nut mylks and cheese for me! Now if I ever get a nut allergy I really will be stuck lol!

    1. Yikes! I hope that never happens. Food intolerances are the pits, especially at get-togethers and things. Better to go hungry than risk a reaction. I have some good friends that are very careful, so I hope you have some of those too!


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