Saturday, May 16, 2015

30 Day Challenges Day 5 - 10 Songs by Canadian Bands that Rock

I was inspired by Kate's post from yesterday about songs to sing and dance around to in your underwear. I'd like to add a few of my favourites by Canadian bands, the first 10 I can think of and I hope I can find a video to each one. Each of these songs makes me want to sing or boogie no matter where I am. 

1. American Woman by The Guess Who

I don't think anyone can resist this chorus. 

2. Home for a Rest by Spirit of the West

This is definitely a Canadian band, so you may have never heard this song before, give it a shot and tell me if you add it to your play list. 

3. Ordinary Day by Great Big Sea

Great Big Sea has had some play in the U.S., so this song might be a little more well known. I received this album as a gift when it came out over a decade ago and I still love to listen to it. This song is definitely one of my favourites. 

4. Let Your Backbone Slide by Maestro Fresh Wes

I didn't even realize he was Canadian until recently. I can't remember a single school dance from high school that didn't play this song at least once. (early 90s)

5. Enid by the Barenaked Ladies

BNL had decent success in the U.S., but this is one of their earlier songs so it may not be as well-known as others. This one always makes me want to dance. It was tough call between this one and "If I Had a Million Dollars". 

6. American Psycho by Treble Charger

This is another one I can't not sing to when I hear it, and likely seat-dance too if I'm in my car. 

7. Lucy by See Spot Run

See Spot Run are a Montreal band and I don't think I can adequately explain how much I love this song. Again the chorus must be sung out loud and I likely will sing the rest of the song too. :) They have other great songs, some in French and some in English and some are both. 

8. Safety Dance by Men Without Hats

This is one of the strangest videos I've ever seen. Watch this one, and then watch the literal version, you will not regret it. 

9. Strange Animal by Gowan

Speaking of odd videos... the song is great and he has a few other classics too. I particularly like Criminal Mind and Moonlight Desires. 

10. She Ain't Pretty by The Northern Pikes

This song and video blew my mind back in the day. Great advice for everyone really :)

I hope you enjoyed this and maybe I introduced you to some new music that you'll enjoy. 

Happy Stitching,



  1. Interesting choices and some great songs. I'm Canadian as well, so recognised most of the performers, but you did introduce me to some new ones.

  2. I only know one and that The Safety Dance! But I am going to give all of them a listen and no doubt be humming along for the rest of the week. I didnt postt yesterday or today...i was thinking I got the weekends off! HA! I guess I should post two today.
    Another great post :)

    1. Oh! My mistake, I didn't check if you had anything up yet before I posted. We can skip today and all the weekends. :)


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