Friday, May 15, 2015

30 Day Challenges Day 4 - What's Blooming in My Yard? - Updated with Photos

I'm a little late getting this up since I was on DD duty today and we have family visiting. I'm trying to squeeze it in now while I have a chance and hopefully I can go back and edit this post with some photos soon. 

1. Lilac

We have a medium size lilac in the back garden that's just starting to bloom. It has mauve flowers and smells wonderful. 
2. Creeping Phlox

My grandmother has always had these in her garden and I love the look of them. The flower is very similar to the lilac in colour and it's spread a little bit since last year. That was the first year I planted it. 

3. Violets

We have violets in a few different garden areas in our yarden. The deep purple colour is gorgeous and they're spreading well. 
4. Dandelions

They're ubiquitous this time of year. DD and I were playing tickle with them the other day. I would tickle her chin and she would tickle my legs. 
5. Clover

The clover is blooming as well which might explain the rabbits. :)

6. Wild Strawberries

These were almost taken over by raspberry brambles when we bought the house 2 years ago, but with help from my mother we were able to pull them all out and keep the wild strawberries. 

7. Cherry tree

We have a few in the back yard and one is covered in blooms! They're beautiful and I hope I can get a photo up later. 
8. Crab apple tree

This tree didn't have any fruit last year, and I don't remember if it flowered. Does anyone know if they always have fruit if they flower?
9. Lily of the Valley

We have to be careful with this one since they're so poisonous. They're cute and lovely and smell divine, but I don't want DD to eat any by accident. 
10. Daffodil

This is almost done. I had forgotten we had any daffodils actually until this one came up this year. I hope it does as well or better next year too. It had a great show a week ago. 

Honourable Budding Mentions: Peony 

The house came with a great peony bush in the front garden. Last year it was absolutely covered in bright pink blooms and looked fantastic until a rainstorm completely flattened it. Hopefully I'll get  a photo this year before that happens. 

We have a ton of irises this year and I think we'll have more flowers this year than we did last year (7). We moved the irises from the side of the house (shade) to the front where it has more direct sun. They bounced back well last year and grew like crazy. They're doing it again and I hope they flower more. 

Don't forget to check out what Kate has in her list today, you won't regret it. :)

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  1. Sounds like you have a beautiful yard/property.

    1. Thanks! We're very happy with it now. It still needs work of course, but with a lot of help from my mom it really has a good base. I updated with photos if you're interested. :)

  2. Hey, I'll have a flower post during the challenge and it was good to see what you have growing in your garden :) I love them all especially the irises of course! Another great post.

    1. The irises do have a great show. Thanks! So do you have all 30 days planned out?

    2. I have a list of 30 titles for each blog, which i came up with at the start, and I am randomly selecting the heading that I feel like doing! lol


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