Saturday, October 15, 2016

Halloween Update and Back to Vermont

The saga of the fallen tree is unfortunately not over. Our water heater was acting up a little bit after the incident and DH called someone out to look at it. The control board is fried, so we need a new water heater. We could just get a new control board, except no one seems to be able to find parts! The difference is a couple thousand dollars, so a new board would be much preferable. 

Whatever we need to do will have to be soon. No hot water is not very fun as far as keeping clean... 

On to stitching and happier thoughts! I will say that I'm thinking more and more about 2017 plans for stitching, although that may be to not dwell on the new water heater. 

First, my 31 photos of Halloween stitching, see my last post for the first 3 photos:

4. Heart in Hand - Monster
5. Mill Hill - Boo House

The ghost is odd, it's checkerboard pattern. I'll try and get a better photo of it at some point so you can see. The odd spots will be filled in with beads at the end. 

And an older Halloween design:

6. Spooky Eye Chart from JCS 2013?

I sent this one to my Grandma. She seemed to get a kick out of it since it relates to my work. :) 

I also started back with Vermont. It's all DMC 562 right now!

I'm stitching 2 over 1 on 14 count Chromatic Alchemy. I think this was a one-off colour from a sale they were having. You can see some of the "M" and the start of the "O". 

We're hosting a lot of people for a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, so I may not have much more time to stitch this weekend, we'll see. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. Love all your projects and nice progress Tiffany. Do tell us what your stitching plans are for next year.


    1. Thanks Linda. I'll give a rough outline next post. :)

  2. It's the Giving Tree...! Or maybe the Taking Tree, as it's still being a butt. I do not envy cold showers; I would probably die. I'd use a stock pot and boil water for a dainty sponge bath first haha. Looking forward to your 2017 plans!

  3. Nasty tree! Sorry you're still dealing with the consequences. Great Halloween pieces and good progress on Vermont.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your tree situation is sorted out soon. Its not nice having no hot water!
    I love your Halloween stitching. Please share your 2017 plans! Im already thinking about mine. I love reading about stitching plans.

  5. So sorry about your water heater. Hope the problem gets resolved soon. Lovely Halloween stitching!

  6. Oh I do hope you can sort out the hot water issue soon, it's definitely not fun!
    Great Halloween stitching :)

  7. These are great Halloween pieces.
    I hope that your hot water device will be fixed or replaced too. I can't imagine being without hot water.

  8. Oh dear, more drama! Hot water is one of life's essentials! Boiling kettles for baths is not fun.
    Nice to see the daily Hallowe'en stitching too.


Thanks for any comments!

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