Sunday, April 16, 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness - April Edition

We're midway through April - what already? - where does the year go? 

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter or good weekend and is checking out the great Easter Blog Hop hosted by Jo. Also, I continually forget to mention her new venture, the Blogger of the Week blog! Make sure you stop by to learn a little bit more our fellow stitching bloggers. 

And now, onto Gifted Gorgeousness! Also hosted by the fabulous Jo. :) Our chance to show our gifts for stitchers, from stitchers, for ourselves if we can find a way to shoehorn it in, etc. Since last month I've worked on:

Letters from Nora - H for DH:

I stitched all this one week, then realized H is too far away from S.. ugh!

There's just too much space there. If I was going to stitch them that far apart, they might as well be on entirely different pieces of fabric! To be safe, first I restitched the far left leaves to make sure I was in the right spot before I unpicked anything:

I think this will look a lot better. I still need to unpick a lot of the letter, and I'll work on that this Wednesday when I have the SAL for this one with Heather

Princess and the Dragon for DD

Still fixing the error on the left, so this will come out again next month for May Monochrome. :)


Still need to make this one into a card and get it sent off to my Grandma. I'm trying to do the finishing on Sunday, so this might get done today. 

In Harmony

This is a super-secret one for DH that I hope to get out a few more times this year. 

Tribal Dragon

I hope to give this one to DD as well when it's complete. It's been a very fun stitch. 


This was part of the exchange I sent for Kaye's Easter Exchange. I really hope it arrived in time. 

Hoppy Stitching! ;)



  1. Lovely pieces you've worked on this month Tiffany. The Easter bunnies are very cute and I love the thread you've used for April.

  2. Great projects to be working on.

  3. Nice progress and cute finish Tiffany. Sorry you had to rip out some of your work.


  4. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. How annoying about H though. I would have made a fold in the fabric to get them closer!
    Thanks for the shoutout for Blogger of the Week, maybe I should change my name to "Jo who does all the things"!

  5. Great pieces. Love them all.

  6. What a lot of lovely things to see in this months GG post, well done. Hop is delightful.

  7. A lovely update of all your great stitching!

  8. Oh no! At least you didn't get too far with the H.
    Great progress on your stitching and so nice to have some finishes!

  9. Lovely stitching! Your little Hop is so cute! You've made good progress on your other pieces. Sorry you had to frog the H.

    1. Thank you! and it will all turn out right in the end I hope. :)

  10. All those monochromes and blackworks are so great, stop tempting me! Dragon looks nice too. xxx

  11. That's a ton of gorgeous gift stitching this month! How frustrating having to unpick so much of H, though :(

    1. Thank you, and yes, it was, but better now than later.

  12. Lovely pieces! Too bad about the "H", hopefully it stitches up quickly the second time.

  13. Lots of lovely gift stitching. Sorry you had to frog parts of H.

  14. Lots of gorgeous, gorgeous GG pieces, my dear. And thank you for taking part in my Easter Exchange.

  15. I love my gift from you :o) Thank you! The design you stitched for the card is just adorable :o)
    Maple bunny is no more... choccies are no more.... but I have lovely gifts to remember it all by and 2 new starts to show in my next GG post! :o) Thank you again from one happy bunny!!
    Hugs x


Thanks for any comments!

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