Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WIP Wednesday

I feel like I write this every week, but last week was pretty hectic again and I didn't even get to stitch some nights. That probably made it feel more hectic really since stitching is what tends to get me to slow down and let the day roll off my back. Then aggravation/anxiety from the previous day won't affect the next day. I'll aim to do better this week. 

Here's where the WIPs are at this point:

Princess and the Dragon by Charting Creations

Still working on fixing the mistake to the left. I think I will try and keep this within reach to add a thread here and there until I get all the way down to the left corner. 

Under the Sea SAL by Durene Jones (through Lakeside Needlecraft)

Shark is done, including back stitch. I still have 3 fish (I think) and a few bubbles and seaweed to complete before February is complete. I hope to stick with this one and try and catch up since it fits with Theme-tas-stitch's April Showers theme as well. March is more fish, and I've been stitching them as charted, but I might branch out into some of my hand-dyed stash for that month. Also, the April edition has a submarine!! I can't wait to get to that. I thought the shark was cool, but the submarine is awesome! I saw someone finish it with hand-dyeds and it looked amazing, so I may have to pull out hand-dyeds for it as well. It's charted in greys. 

April by Palko-lap

I think I should have gone with another thread for April since the yellow doesn't show up all that well, but it's stitched now, so it's too late to change. I would like to get this mailed soon to my Grandma.

Wednesday Letters from Nora - H SAL with Heather

Heather contacted me that we both had this chart, so we could stitch on it together. Wednesdays seemed to be our less busy days, so we started last week. I initially started this one last year and it was here after last fall:
and now here:

I had to frog all of the dark purple in the first photo and change it to the lower photo version. The new version of Smoke is much lighter. I took a photo here to show you the difference:

It's frustrating to have to frog that much, but better now than later. Unfortunately I'm also starting to think I might have my fairies too far apart, but I'll get DH's input on that before I have to frog even more of this one and possibly start over. Ugh... 

So that's where I'm at since the start of April. Not as much progress as I'd like, but that hardly ever happens anyway. My plan for today is to get DH's input on the fairies before he has to go out tonight, then possibly be frogging or stitching on H. After that I'll be back to the UTS SAL possibly for most of the month. I'm debating about a new water start in the last week of April, stay tuned! :)

Happy Stitching!



  1. Nice fabric for Under the Sea, it really does look wonderful with the colourful design.

  2. I think you have made great progress Tiffany.


  3. UTS SAL is really coming along well. Sorry about the frog.

    1. Thank you, and it's all part of stitching. :)

  4. A little progress is better than none and your projects are looking great.

  5. You are doing well with all your stitching! Ugh! How I hate backstitching ..... I tend to prevaricate whenever I have backstitching to complete! I blame "Tatty Teddy" ..... I still haven't finished him!
    I absolutely love the pretty coloured fabrics you use, they really lift the stitching!
    Ahh, sorry to hear the frog visited!
    Barbara x

  6. I'm loving your fabric colour choices they all look so nice!

  7. The UTS project is looking cute! I hope the frog days are over now.

  8. Your fabric colour are cute! And your stitching WOW¨!!!

  9. Every stitch counts! Darn frog, I know it's spring but keep him away!

  10. Sorry to hear you've not been stitching - me too! I'm also trying to catch up on Under the Sea but I'm a bit behind you as I have only just started the shark.
    Hope you get back to normal routine soon!

  11. Oh my goodness I hate frogging, have had to do some of that lately.
    A little progress is good some days I do not feel like stitching, just reading or some other project.


  12. A little progress is more than none! The more important it to enjoy the journey! Hope things get back to a normal rhythm soon :)

  13. I love watching your progress! I'm fascinated with your Princess and the Dragon. It's fun to see the bits appear as you add to it each month. Your SAL project is so cute! I love that you restarted on such pretty fabric. Can't wait to see more of your Letter.

    1. Thank you! P&D is a fun stitch and seeing it all come together is a lot of fun. I do love the UTS SAL so far!

  14. That's quite a difference between the colours! I do prefer the lighter Smoke though so it was worth frogging.
    Love the Under The Sea fabric too, great choice. It's nice that you are so excited over the design too.

  15. Under the Sea fits with the water theme really perfectly :)
    I hope you don't have to frog the fairy on your letter stitching.
    I have had this colour difference with overdyed threads as well, I don't know why they do this. A slight difference would always be OK but the two threads that you show are really two different colours for me.

  16. My month has been crazy too. I have had so many days with no stitching and then my normal long stitching days I only get an hour. It definitely throws off my mood I'm sure. I feel lost without my stitching. Now with my vacation it will be even worse the next month. Oh well. Stitching will always be there when we can get back to it. Life is important too I guess haha. Love your stitching.

  17. Great progress, your shark looks awesome!


Thanks for any comments!

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