Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays: Top 5 Things That Make Me Laugh

Top 5 Tuesday again and this one will be hard to keep down to only 5 things. :) Check out our wonderful host's blog for everyone's links and check out her April A-Z as well. 


1. DD

Here's DH and DD, and DD is 3.5 now, just the right age to come up with all kinds of silly ideas. She told me a joke last night: "What did the king say when he was really tired?" -- "I want my mommy!". I'm not sure if she heard it somewhere or made it up. 

2. Life

Sometimes you have to laugh about the absurdity or it will make you angry/crazy/depressed/sad/etc. 

3. Honest Trailers

I could watch these over and over, they're so silly and fun to watch. 

4. This scene from The Princess Bride:

5. QI

I haven't watched the new season, and I really wish we could get more of them here, but I've enjoyed every single episode I've ever watched. 

I hope you enjoyed the list, oh, a bonus one would be "Weather in Vermont"

This is what I woke up to April 1st this year. :)

Happy Stitching!



  1. Not sure I would be laughing about the snow if I had to travel in it. Lovely pic of DH and DD.

  2. QI is very funny, I think my kids would be top of my list too.

  3. Love the pic of DH and DD. Great choices Tiffany.


  4. Great post! Glad you have so many things that make you laugh. We all deserve to smile more.

  5. Such a sweet, funny photo of DH and DD. My son used to make up his own jokes when he was little. Some of his attempts were hysterical! Love the 'make me laugh' feeling this week.

    1. I've since learned the joke is supposed to be "What did the Pharaoh say when he was sad?" - I want my Mummy. :) Thanks!

  6. I love this post, it made me laugh, lol.

  7. Oh yes, QI can be hilarious sometimes! I was always watching it when Stephen Fry was the host but not anymore.
    So not funny all that snow, and it wasn't an April Fool ;)

  8. Glad you can find so many things to make you laugh! Laughter is the best medicine. Cute photo of your hubby and daughter--they could star in a sequel to the Blues Brothers movie!

  9. Laughing is important! I don't have a daughter or husband at hand, but I will try out laughing at some of your other suggestions. I know some of the honest trailers and while it almost hurts watching them talk about something you actually like, they are great fun!

    1. Agreed. And yes, I tend to watch Honest Trailers of movies I like or don't like, not so much ones I really liked and don't want to see trashed. That's not often though.

  10. Nice pic of your DD and DH! It is always good to laugh, takes out all the stress.

  11. Great list. I love little kid jokes even when they get them wrong! My little brother used to tell very long "shaggy dog" stories all the way into town when we were kids!
    Honest Trailers are great and Here's How It Should Have Ended is good too.
    I love shows like QI where there's supposed to be a quiz but they basically muck about and are just funny. It's like having friends round for a good laugh.

  12. I miss QI...I was able to get through G on DVD and then they just stopped! Stephen Fry is my biggest secret crush! I've got to get caught up again on Top 5 Tuesdays, but yours is a great list!

  13. Sweet picture of DH & DD.
    I hadn't seen Honest Trailers before, too funny!


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