TOP 5 TUESDAY: Top 5 Signs Spring is Coming

'Tis Tuesday, time to traverse terrific, timely posts. (close but couldn't alliterate the whole sentence). I hope you'll check out Kate's blog, she is the lovely host of Top 5 Tuesday and she has all the participants so far on the right side of her blog, so visit and say "Hi" to them as well. :) 


1. Bicycle rides

I forgot to get any photos of DD riding her new Thomas bike, but here she and DH are and he's giving her a ride around the yard in her bike trailer. They've been out riding a few times already. 
DH's bike

2. Daffodils

I forgot to get a photo of these bursting forth from the garden, I will try and do that tonight. 

3. Brilliant Sunrises

I know there's still snow on the ground, but this was the end of March, so the spring equinox had passed. And we tend to see these kind of sunrises only from March through October. 

4. Rain and Rain Boots

DD traversing a large puddle outside a neighbour's house. She wasn't too sure, it was a pretty big, and fairly deep (ankles) puddle, but she made it most of the way. 

5. Robins

American Robins that is. :) They're all over the place now, eating worms from the grass. I was able to pull a lot of the leaf cover off the plants and lots of worms were visible, so I'm sure they're all having a good meal. 

Also, this weekend I was stitching and DD got interested, so I gave her some fabric and a fairly dull tapestry needle. She had a great time pulling the thread in and out of the fabric. It was so funny to watch. 

I hope she can maintain her interest in it. I'll have to find some of those easy kits somewhere for her to try, or maybe draw a picture on some fabric for her. I'd be happy to hear any suggestions! 

Thank you and Happy Stitching!



  1. That's a weird robin LOL Funny how different they are.
    I like the idea of drawing on some Binca for your daughter, she can have whatever she likes then.

  2. Great pics Tiffany. Your daughter is adorable. Hope she sticks with the stitching.


  3. The American robin is so different to the British one! DD is so cute. I hope she carries on with the stitching.

  4. Great picture of your robin and stunning sunrise.

  5. Aw, such great pictures of the family! I've loved seeing the gorgeous sunrises again. As far as teaching DD to stitch, my own DD enjoyed 10 ct Tula and Lizzie Kate patterns with Perle Cotton. LK has some great freebies on the site that aren't too difficult and nearly all of her patterns come out great in the PC. I think Hello Spring makes a great project to learn to cross stitch.

    1. Great idea, thank you! I don't think she's ready for a pattern yet, but maybe something drawn on the fabric would work well.

  6. Lovely pictures, specially the sunrise. So exciting that DD is showing interest in needlework.

    1. Thank you! And yes, it was so neat to see her do so well.

  7. I enjoyed seeing pics and your daughter's adventures :) So cute to see that she is doing needlework :) Maybe you can try with large count plastic canvas just to fill with crosses using thin yarn, if she doesn't insist on fabric. With plastic canvas, it is easy to manage the back side. There are some toy stitching kits available but usually they aren't that good.

  8. Great pics. Just love seeing your adorable DD in the pictures. She is precious. How cute her "stitching" like mommy. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Looks like a great spring, especially for your adorable daughter!
    I love that she's stitching! Do they still sell those stitching kits for toddlers using yarn?

  10. Nice post! Aww, your daughter is just a tiny little thing, cute. I hope she stays with the stitching. My daughter was just not interested:(

    1. I hope she does too. I don't want to push it so I'm overenthusiastic about it and push her away, but I would love it if she stays with it.

  11. Lovely photos your little one is so cute, I love the beautiful sunset and the robin looks like he was posing for the shot. Thank you for stopping at my blog.

  12. Love the photos of your family outdoors, we have a robin making her nest on our front porch every year for the past five years now, she has three eggs in her nest, in Minnesota they start nesting and laying eggs in April.


  13. I don't think I've ever seen an American robin looks strange to my eyes, but also really cute.


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