Tuesday, April 16, 2019

School of Magical Stitches and Literature Year 3, Week 8

This week's homework will be a little tricky!

We have a few different options this week. The easy/safe options are to pick one store in the nearby wizarding town of Hogsmeade and stitch 1000 stitches on a project that fits the description. The even easier option, in that you don't have to try and be creative with how to fit your project into a category, is to stay back at Hogwarts school and not go on a field trip, and stitch 1500 stitches on whatever project you want. 

The more difficult, and also worth extra bonus points option is to try and find a way to stitch something that relates to each store in Hogsmeade and stitch 100 stitches per project, and there's 5 bonus points if you manage all 10. So you get 10 points each for option 1 or 2, or 25 possible points for option 3. Obviously, I'd like to go for option 3, but trying to fit this in might be a challenge. 

Hogsmeade Store List:
1) Dervish and Banges - Magical Equipment
2) Gladrags Wizardwear- Clothing (done!)
3) The Hog’s Head -Pub
4) Hogsmeade Station -Rail Station
5) Honeydukes Sweetshop- Candy (done!)
6) Madam Puddifoot’s -Tea Shop (done!)
7) Scivenshaft’s Quill Shop - Quills and Stationary (done!)
8) The Shrieking Shack - Abandoned Building 
9) The Three Broomsticks - Pub
10) Zonko’s Joke Shop - Joke Items 

I actually made an attempt on this last night, and managed to find a way to fit an Easter design (that I'm not showing till this Sunday) 

The idea is, be creative with how you got to each shop/area and what you purchased or found there. Some people are weaving stories to interconnect everything. So far, on the few I finished, I've just added sentences. Here's where I'm at:

1) Dervish and Banges - you can find magical equipment here, so I'm thinking I can stitch on Full Moon and say it's because of the lunascope I found in this shop. 

2) Gladrags Wizard Wear - The Easter stitch has a hat on it, so I'm using that as part of this shop, so 100 stitches done already. 

3) The Hog's Head - a local, kind of sketchy, pub

I don't have a lot of stitches that have food or drink on them, or unusual, shifty, magical characters, so I'm not sure what to stitch for this one yet. 

4) Hogsmeade Station - railway station

I don't have anything with trains on it, although I could start Hogwarts in a Bottle, it's an amazing pattern, see Rachel's post, or if you can find a way to talk about trains, like you went on a date with someone you met on the train, that that might work too. 

5) Honeydukes Sweet Shop - candy!

Again, I will use the Easter project, and I'm saying I found these delicious candied flowers there. 

6) Madam Puddifoot's Tea House - I'm going to use the Easter pattern again here for the beautiful floral displays on each table ;)

7) Scivenshaft's Quill Shop - you can find quills and parchment here, the Easter pattern has a bird, so I'm going to point out this bird donated some feathers for quills

8) Shrieking Shack - since this is the most haunted site in Britain, I thought I'd get out my Happy Halloween since it has a ghost on it. 

9) Three Broomsticks - inn and pub

I'm a bit lost on what to stitch for this one as well. If I had something with drinks, that would be easy, but I don't. You can weave a yarn about going to Butterbeer (kids drink) with friends, but then you need a project with friends as well. I don't think i really have that either

10) Zonko's Joke Shop - fairly self-explanatory as well, and I'm not sure what to stitch for this either. I was debating about getting out one of my subversive or joke patterns. I have this one to stitch for friends:

If you have any ideas or suggestions, small new starts work too, then please let me know. I'm enjoying the challenge and don't mind a new start if necessary ;) You can find my WIPs here

Happy Stitching!



  1. Oh my gosh: the Hogwarts in a bottle is a great design.
    You have so many projects going, do you ever get nervous about that? just curious.


  2. That's why I went with option 3. I found a few but didn't want to spend hours trying to find something that work. I read several gals stories for all the pubs. They are you a tea design because they drink tea at the pubs.


    1. It's a good idea, and getting 1500 stitches in a project would be nice. I think I managed to get 6/10 with good reasons though, and should be able to get the other 4 somehow. I do have a tea design, although it would be a new start.

  3. Wow. How fun. Thanks for sharing again and Good luck!!

  4. Last week was so much fun, thinking up all the little stories and stitching so many little portions! I hope you made it.

  5. Hope you managed to fit everything in and make some good progress.

  6. Such an interesting challenge this week. Again, I'm late to the post so will look forward to seeing which projects you chose and how successful you were. And if you did start Hogwarts In A Bottle I would have thought it would be an easy project to frequently slip into your homework schedule. :)


Thanks for any comments!

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