Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WIP Wednesday - First of 2017!

I can't believe this is my first stitching-related post of the New Year. I know it's been busy and I was sick, but still.. wow. I will attempt to post at least weekly going forward. 

2017 is my year of weekly rotations! I'm sure you've all been dying to hear how it's going? ;) 

To review, my first week of every month will be spent on BAPs (HAEDs, etc) and the second week on SALs. 

I started HAED Adobe White on December 31, 2016:
and only managed a couple days on it to get to here:
HAED Adobe White 1 over 1 tent stitch on 28 ct Realgar by Chromatic Alchemy

I'm hoping to not stitch the back ground, so I'm starting from the center out, but that means I'm in confetti hell! I decided to go ahead and start another one that was calling my name:

HAED Moon Hare

HAED Moon Hare 4 over 1 tent stitch on 18 count grey Aida

And that brings us to the weekend and hockey and then coming down with a terrible cold. No stitching on Sunday, but I was able to stitch some Monday:
and Tuesday:

on the Lakeside Needlecraft Under the Sea SAL. This is January's part, an octopus. I'm hoping to make them into coasters or ornaments and am stitching this 2 over 1 on I think 18 or 20 ct Aida from Chromatic Alchemy. It was in a card pack, so I'm not sure the colour, Cirrus maybe?

I think I can be done in a couple more days and then decide if I tackle the Fantasy SAL? Or maybe a small for my Grandma? 

Then week number 3 will be WIPs and Somebunny will be coming out to play. I hope to finish it within another week or so which will leave the last week and a bit of January to stitch on anything I want. :)

I hope you're all doing well, and if you're like most of us and thinking of organizing, check out Mary Corbet's great post here. Thanks Irene for pointing it out!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Love your selection of projects and am totally awed by the fact that you have two HAEDs going at the same time! I find them a little intimidating.

  2. Everything is looking good for your first post. Love the wolf, and the octopus is cute. I can't quite make up my mind about the hare, but looking forward to your progress.

  3. Wonderful new projects and you have made really nice progress on everything. Well done!

  4. You are making good progress with the Octopus, I need to start! maybe tonight? I am glad you started the Hare, I am loving the colours already, hehehe. Its sounds like you may have a couple of finishes this month! Wahoo!

  5. Great work on all the stitching projects!!
    Now that I can see you working on the Hare, I just want to go back to mine!!! I'm stitching mine on 14ct, full crosses. Not far off a page finish.

  6. Great work for your first stitchy post - so many pretty new starts! I love how you're starting at the eye so there is something to see right away. That octopus is great too - I have the same SAL and hope to get to him soon.

  7. Beautiful progress! Love the cute octopus!

  8. You'll have to let me know how you like tent stitch...I've been watching Heather's too. If I ever get around to doing a SS/MC HAED, I will have to do it tent or I will never finish!

  9. Oh my goodness that Wolf is beautiful, I am not sure I will be joining any Sal's or anything but the IHSW, I make join and then do not follow through.
    That Bunny is a new one for me I am in love with it.
    That Octopus is adorable, I am excited to see the finish, I love sea life.
    I do like the Tent stitch, I know it is used in needlepoint lots.


  10. Looks like you are making good progress! I love that you started the wolf with an eye. =D

  11. It seems that you are doing fine on your new rotation in spite of the throw back by your cold. But it's not so important how much you manage to stitch during your week but that you pull out the respective project and stitch some on it. Great progress.

  12. The fact you have so many stiching to do is the most beautiful thing you can look to the future.... all nice project. Smack

  13. Great start on the HAED's. Your rotation sounds manageable and that article was really interesting.

  14. Nice starts on all of them! I really love the wolf!

  15. Awesome projects Tiffany. I like your rotation plan. Right now I'm working on a million (lol) projects for the April A - Z challenge. After I hopefully make it through April, I am going to try and come up with some kind of rotation.


  16. Tiff, your projects look great. I, of course, especially like Moon Hare. I haven't seen that one before. This is my first visit to your blog. I really like it! I'll try to check back more regularly.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Moon Hare was in the Sept/Oct editions of WOXS last year (I think).


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