Tuesday, June 2, 2015

30 Day Challenge Day 14 - TV Series I Can Rewatch and New Project Update

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, and to Kate for mentioning me on her blog. :) Don't forget to check out her list today as well, especially if you need to add a few great blogs to your readers. 

I've progressed well on my new project and I've completed 2 colours so only one left. There are 2 lines of small font and one line of large font, so I think this will be complete by the end of the week. 

It's stitching up quickly, and if you pick this one up there are a couple of charting errors. They're small, but you have to watch for them. 

Also, our irises are blooming, so I have a couple photos for Kate

And now my list of TV shows I like to rewatch:

1. Stargate SG-1

I've been rewatching this series lately because it's shown up on Hulu and Amazon Prime. It continues where the Stargate movie left off and there begin to be teams of Air Force personnel and scientists that travel through the stargate (through a wormhole) and visit other planets in our galaxy. It has 10 seasons and although it starts a little slow, the last 6 or 7 seasons are really, really good. 

These are a few funny moments from the first few seasons. I couldn't really find a good trailer for the show.

2. Stargate Atlantis

This is still my favourite series of all time. My favourite character is David Hewlett's Rodney McKay and the characters journey from a mostly annoying character to someone everyone really cares about is pretty fantastic. 

SGA is a continuation from Stargate SG-1. A team goes through the gate to the Pegasus galaxy, really, really far away and are kind of stranded there. There are some new enemies, some old enemies and eventually they're able to contact Earth again. 

Here are some good clips of McKay from the show:

3. Bones

This show has been on long enough (10 seasons) that I don't remember everything that happened now and it's worth watching again for some great lines and great charisma among the characters. Bones is a forensic anthropologist and works at the fictional Jeffersonian Institute. There she works with the FBI with her team to try and solve the murder-of-the-week. You don't have to watch it from the beginning, but if you do you'll see a lot of character development mixed in with solving mysteries. 

This is the trailer for season 10:

4. Doctor Who

I've really enjoyed the Doctor Who reboot. I grew up watching Tom Baker as Doctor Who and although I liked the episodes I watched, it was so sporadic I could never follow a story line all the way through. Doctor Who is on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and possibly elsewhere so it's easier to keep up. 
Here are some great moments from the David Tennant years:

5. Psych

Shawn Spencer, played by James Roday, has to pretend to be psychic so he doesn't get arrested for knowing too much about random local crimes. 8 seasons later, he's still pretending and getting away with it while he solves the murder-of-the-week.

I will admit I only re-watch a few episodes, but a lot of them are really fun and funny. There are great guest stars and both main characters are fun to watch. They drop a lot of pop culture lines that are mostly nostalgic to me, so it may not be as funny if you're not currently in your 30s :)

6. Burn Notice

The main character, Michael Weston, worked for the CIA until he got "burned", i.e. dropped by the CIA. He gets stuck in Miami, where his mother (wonderfully acted by Sharon Gless) lives and his ex-girlfriend Fiona (a very tough Gabrielle Anwar) both live. He also gains a friend in Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) and together they help an underdog every week while Michael tries to rejoin the CIA and find out how he got burned.

I like watching this show solely to see Bruce Campbell in action. Jeffery Donovan is a very talented actor and during the shows he can fake a lot of accents and looks really well, so that is worth watching also. Plus Gabrielle Anwar is really kick-ass in her high heels and it's always good to see strong female characters on TV.

7. Peggy Carter

This is a relatively new show and only had 8 episodes in the opening season. I'm looking forward to re-watching it this summer in preparation for the second season. Peggy Carter worked with Captain America and they have the same actress from the movie. She does an excellent job of selling how difficult it is to work with an all-male special services division and lie about her career to get a good apartment while trying to keep her co-workers from finding out she's in contact with a fugitive who was falsely accused.

The plot kept you guessing and hoping the good guys would figure things out before it was too late. I started watching it solely because it featured a woman in a strong action character role and they managed to craft a great show around her. 

8. Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

I wasn't sure about this one when I started watching it, but it has a very rich cast and ethnicity of characters. Even though you're mostly on the Deep Space Nine space station, there is a lot of variety in the environment.

I don't know that I had a favourite character since they were all really good and there wasn't one that spoke to me more than any other. Maybe Bashir because of his medical and scientific background. 

9. Firefly

By now it must be clear that I like watching action shows, and if they're sci-fi, that's even better. How could I not include one of the greatest series ever made? What can I say about Firefly that hasn't already been said by everyone else? 

If you've never seen the show and you have any interest in sci-fi, westerns, or great character relationships or good story-telling, or great one-liners, this is a show you need to watch. It only had one season and 14 episodes I think, and they're all great. As a follow-up you may want to watch the Serenity movie as well. 

This reviewer talks with his hands a little too much, but he makes a good point:

10. Angel/Buffy

I've already watched both series over twice. Again, great characters, a strong female lead in Buffy, a great actor in Angel (David Boreanaz) and how they weaved the characters in and out of both shows was well done. These shows are so well known I don't think I need to add any more here on an already really long post! 

Here's a clip from my favourite episode of Angel:

Hope all is good with everyone and I'll end here for now, happy stitching!



  1. Great list of shows there, I'm a big fan of quite a few of those. If you like the old Doctor Who a company called Big Finish does amazing Audio Dramas featuring the old Doctors and companions (voiced by the original actors and actresses) They are really amazing and they always have great offers on.

  2. Oh I forgot your stitching is looking amazing!

    1. Thank you and thanks for the info on the audio dramas!

  3. I'm thinking I need to do a quick stitch :) yours is looking fab!
    The irises are beautiful, thank you.
    I like all those shows except for Burn Notice. Actually that is not entirely true, burn notice is ok to watch but the idiots guide annoys the hell out of me! Also, I haven't seen Peggy Carter...maybe I missed it when it came out so will have to go in search as I like the actress & character in Cap'n America.
    I have done my post for today but won't get a chance to publish till later so don't think I'm having a day off :D heheh

  4. Love the colours you have chosen for your new project! I'm with you on 4,6 and 9 of the list, my husband would be with you on all of them!

    1. I hope you like the next colour too. I checked them with DH because he has a better colour sense than I do. Great minds... :)

  5. Beautiful work! Love the bright colors on this one. Great shows on your list.


Thanks for any comments!

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