Thursday, June 11, 2015

30 Day Challenges Day 21 - 10 Stitching Firsts (for me)

I joined the Cross Stitch Forum back in 2010 and since then my cross stitch world has been expanded far beyond my expectations. I've attempted all kinds of things I never would have thought of before. I had been knitting a lot more before I found the Forum because all I had known were cross stitch kits and they can get boring after awhile. 

Now I haven't knitted in months and have many more cross stitch projects I'd like to work on before I pick up knitting again. However, I did add one knitting project I'm proud of and that's in the list.

But first my new start on Boxes of Delight!

I'm using 25 count Lugana and DMC 820 since I have 3 skeins just sitting in a box. I'll be using scrap threads to fill in the boxes. 

And now the list:

1. Dr. Who scarf for my Dad:

This took months to finish. I was knitting rows and rows every day and I think it still took about 3 months, and I was even working on it 2 days before I gave it to my Dad. 

2. First Design

When I first joined the Crazy January Challenge in 2012 I did my first ever cross stitch design. I charted it out on graph paper, and here it is:

3. My first video game stitch, but not the last:

Mario Sampler by Flossy Bobbin

I edited the second cloud to be a Lakitu instead of another cloud. It's charted with 5 clouds across the top. I loved finishing this one. It was a joy the entire way. 

4. My first Sprite Stitch pattern:
 Samus Save Station by Riot Patch of Pixels

5. First black work and first time with DMC Variegated:
Bibliophile bookmark by Kincavel Krosses

6. First magazine chart and first confetti stitching:
 Golden Retriever from WOXS. It was a gift for DH's cousins who suddenly lost their beloved dog. He was a very playful dog and this picture suited him well. 

7. First biscornu (I understuffed it):

7. First finished BAP (11"x15"):
Angelic Melody by Dimensions

 8. First time I placed in the fair (second) - first was an enormous loon, maybe 24" by 32"? Also first time using pinhead stitch for those flags on the ferris wheel, that was difficult. And first time using Rainbow Gallery blending filament - love!!
Meet Me at the Fair by Stoney Creek

9. First table runner and first time using so much DMC Metallics - a horrible experience even with Thread Heaven:
12 Days of Xmas from a magazine, I can't remember which one

10. First hardanger:
Song of the Weather January by Mabel Figworthy's Fancies

I hope you enjoyed my list and think of all the firsts you've accomplished!

Happy Stitching and don't forget to check Kate's page for a dose of cuteness,



  1. Some lovely firsts Tiff and the Meet me at the fair looks like a huge undertaking but its gorgeous :) I too like to knit...when i do scarfs i opt for thicker wool so it won't take me so long :) What I love about these firsts is that they are all quite different to one another.

    1. Thanks! And yes, the Fair one really was. It's a good think I don't mind backstitch.

  2. Darn, I just did this really long comment and it disappeared (I think). Well, considering it was all about me anyway, I could do without repeating it (a bad habit of an Asper). Congrats on branching out into other styles! Way braver than I have ever been!

    1. Thanks! I'm happy where I'm at without trying anything else new at this point I think. Cross stitch is still my favourite.

  3. Congrats on all of the awesome first's Tiffany. All lovely projects. I really really like Meet Me At the Fair.


    1. Thanks Linda! That was about 3 months of stitching 6+ hours a day when I was stuck out of work and going crazy. That saved me.

  4. That's a great mix of firsts, both in projects and styles. Well done!

  5. Great seeing all those firsts - I remember a lot of those projects!

  6. Beautiful stitching, great work on the blackwork


Thanks for any comments!

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