Friday, June 5, 2015

30 Day Challenges Day 17 - 10 Comics I Read Online

Since I was a child I preferred to read the comics over any other part of the newspaper. Now that newspapers are dying out I read all my comics online. Plus you can find some great comics that aren't published in newspapers. Here are some of my favourites of each kind. 

1. Retail

I first came across the comic in the newspaper while visiting my parents. Since then I've followed it online. The creator, Norm Feuti, clearly had a lot of retail experience to come up with such a true-to-life comic. I purchased his first book, Pretending You Care, when it came out. 

I've worked in a sort of retail environment for over 10 years. Thankfully it's only one day a week now and where I work was always somewhat separate from the real retail experience. If you've ever worked in retail I highly recommend you read it over. Not every comic is a winner, but there are some truly hilarious comics in the archives. 

2. Girls With Slingshots

This one comes with a warning. There are several risque aspects to this comic and it's basically about 25-30 somethings living, dating, and all the consequences, so be warned. Again, there are some truly hilarious comics that had me pushing back the chair and laughing until it hurt. A lot of the comics just deal with life, but there are a few that might push people out of their comfort zone. 

The author, Danielle Corsetto recently ended this comic, but there are 10 years of archives and she's republishing each comic in colour, so you can start from the beginning if you're interested. 

3. Worsted For Wear

This comic was unfortunately stopped after the author became very ill. It's too bad because it had a wonderful cast of characters and lots of conversations about knitting. It really felt like you were one of the group when you read this comic. 

There are a few years of archives and if you like knitting or crochet you'll likely enjoy this comic. 

4. Dilbert

I think everyone knows about Dilbert. I don't follow this one as much as I did about 5 years ago because I don't think it's quite as good as it used to be, but every once in a while there's a really great comic. 

5. xkcd

I will admit that some of these go way over my head, but there are a lot of days when Randall Monroe draws out a comic that explains complicated concepts so well I find it astounding. Today's is particularly hilarious. 

6. Hyperbole and a Half

This is such a great comic! I hope everyone has read some of this by now. I even purchased the first e-book. I hope there will be more, although the author has depression and that impacts her writing in a lot of ways. She's written some great comic essays about how depression affects you and it's helped me a lot. I've been fortunate that I do not suffer from depression at this point, but I have family and friends who do and this way I can hope to be helpful instead of hurtful. 

The stories she shares about her childhood are unbelievable. I think they are all true, although for her sake I wish they weren't. And the trials and tribulations of life with a defective dog hit close to home. Our rescue dog is almost all problems. 

7. The Awkward Yeti

I haven't read through this entire series. I tend to catch the really good ones on Facebook, etc. and then I'll read a few for awhile, then forget, then go back to it, etc. Everything I've read is good, and some are very, very good. The title character goes through life and we see how his organs, especially the brain and heart, deal with every day situations. There's also sort of a spin-off of just Heart and Brain and other body parts as well. It's a good twist on every day situations and I've enjoyed everything I've read. 

8. Texts From Superheroes

This isn't a comic exactly, but close enough for me, and it definitely gives me a laugh. The authors have a gift for coming up with good puns and awkward situations that you never see in comics for some reason. 

and for some reason I'm stuck here and can't think of 9 and 10. Can anyone suggest a few good comics?

Thanks and happy stitching!

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  1. My Asper brain doesn't do so well with comics...I really wanted to get into them as a kid, but I just couldn't focus on the page because there was too much going on per cell and I could almost have panic attacks looking at them. I do buy Disney comics (or "graphic novels" as they are called uptown!) upon occasion like the Once Upon A Time and Haunted Mansion series, but only as collectibles. I can't say I've ever opened one of them.

    1. I've never read those either. I wonder if the library would stock them.

  2. My favourite is "For Better Or For Worse" by Lynn Johnston. The series is finished now but all the strips are in the archives.

    1. Great choice! I feel like I grew up on that comic.


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