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30 Day Challenges Day 29 - 10 States I've Lived in or Vacationed In and Update!

Thank you all for your great comments! I will answer them all tomorrow I hope. 

I will admit I'm starting to run out of ideas for lists. :) DH suggested this one. I couldn't come up with 10 states I've lived in, so I'm adding ones that I've also had extended vacations in as well. 

And an update on K:

I may not get the 2nd wing finished tonight, but I should still have some time to stitch tonight. It's my late night at work, so hard to say how much time she'll get tonight. I'm thinking I'll aim for a July finish with all the beads, etc. 

And on to the list!

10 States I've Lived in Or Vacationed In:

1. Vermont

I took this panorama while vacationing with my Mom in Vermont. This is the Trapp Family Lodge near Stowe, Vermont. We weren't staying there, but we did walk around the grounds a little. Apparently they play the Sound of Music every night? You don't have to watch though. :)

This is North Hero, Vermont one morning when I was driving through. I had to stop to take this one. 

2. Nevada

This is Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas Nevada. We got married with a view of this in the background in 2009. There's a conference I sometimes attend there and we went to Hoover Dam last time (2011) and that's to the right. Fortunately the conference is in the fall when it's not too warm there. You can always picks out the Northerners in shorts compared to the Nevadans in pants and jackets. :)

3. New York

A shot of an abandoned train station in Rouses Point, NY. It's a pretty interesting portrait of how the railroad is no longer our main form of transport. I lived in Saratoga Springs, NY for a while. That's a very quaint town and they have horse racing there in the summer. 

4. Tennessee

I don't have any of my own photos from Tennessee, but this is a shot from the Pigeon Forge, TN page. One of my school friends lives in TN and we used to go visit on long weekends. She was pretty close to the Smoky Mountains pictured above. On one memorable occasion the fog was so thick you couldn't see anything past the observation deck, that was cool. 

5. Indiana

I attended Indiana University and this is a shot from their webpage. This is the main entrance to the school. It's a really beautiful campus and there's limestone buildings everywhere! The limestone makes it difficult to tell what's new and what's old since it looks so similar, and that's a good idea. Most of the limestone is quarried in nearby Bedford. We visited once. The entire town looked grey from all of the limestone dust so we didn't stay too long. 

One place we did visit fairly often was (Little) Nashville, IN. It's definitely a tourist destination and has lots of fun little unique stores. I tried divinity fudge for the first time there, amazing! 
This photo is from Roadtips.typepad.com

6. New Hampshire

This photo of the White Mountains is from timberlandcampgroundnh.com. I believe that is Mount Washington with snow on it. That's the highest peak in the Northeast US. We hiked a bit of it, but not much. There are lots of outlets in nearby North Conway and that was a fun trip with Mom as well. 

I also lived in NH for a few years while I worked there. It's very different than Vermont even though they're side by side. 

7. Michigan
image from michiganpublicmedia.org
image from ballparks.com
I grew up near Michigan, so we traveled there frequently for day trips. I'm not sure what the top picture is from, but the bottom is Tiger Stadium. My dad was a big Tigers fan, so we were too and we'd go down to games now and again. We frequently went to Port Huron, MI for hockey tournaments and shopping, but that part of Michigan isn't that pretty. Although the Bluewater Bridge that crosses from Canada to the US is pretty cool. 

8. Florida

I didn't visit Florida until I was 27! And I only visited Animal Kingdom then, not the Magic Kingdom. I still haven't been there (sorry Keebs!) This is a shot of Universal Studios from my second trip on a conference. This is the part that has all the restaurants instead of going to the main park. It was 6pm, so we didn't want to pay for a full pass, you'd think when they're not going to be open much longer you'd get some kind of discount, oh well. 

9. Ohio

I can't even tell you how many times we went to Cedar Point. I've been to other places in Ohio, but this is the most memorable. I remember when the Magnum came out and we were so excited to go on it. I think I had my eyes closed most of the way. :) They used to have a fun bobsled type ride too, but that was gone at our last visit. Now it's been at least 20 years since I've been there, so I'm sure it's changed a lot. 

10. Rhode Island
The Marble House Mansion in Winter Season.

Source: Happyboomernurse aka Gail Sobotkin 
The Breakers
I've visited Rhode Island twice, both times with my parents and once with my Grandma as well. The second time we paid for a tour of these 2 mansions above. Wow... words cannot really explain how grand these places are. The hand painted wallpapers, the glamour, check out some photos on Google search if you'd like to see more. Just type in either mansion and it will show you photos of the inside. The gold room in the Marble House is particularly awe-inspiring. 

I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour and tell me what places you loved visiting!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Interesting post Tiffany. I've been to Mexico twice, British Columbia twice and Nevada lots. (casinos)


    1. Nice! Our conference is at the Sands/Venetian and the perfumed water makes me gag so I'll check out other casinos if I'm gambling.

  2. Great post, Tiffany :-) You've been to a lot of neat places. I've lived in 4 different states (Florida, New York, Texas and Ohio) and have traveled to Tennesse, Georgia, Indiana and South Carolina to visit friends and family. Been to Cedar Point many, many times but not for about 15 years. Funny, I lived in Florida for years and went to all the Disney parks lots of times (and Sea World), but we never made it to Universal.

    1. You've been to a lot of neat places as well! It's funny how when you live somewhere you don't go to the tourist spots as often as you'd think. :)

  3. You have been around! I've lived in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and British Columbia. Vacationed in Washigton, Oregon. California, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, France, Zambia and Great Britain.

    1. Wow, you are very well traveled! I have visited France 20 years ago, but I've never been to any part of Great Britain. I've also never been to Saskatchewan or NWT or the Maritimes. Someday I would like to hit all the Canadian provinces at least.

  4. Interesting to read about the places you have lived, I'm curious to know which has been your most very favourite place?

    1. Definitely Vermont. You have mountains, lakes, beaches, no billboards, it's a very green state. Plus the people here are mostly decent and welcoming of everyone.

  5. Another great one! I've only ever lived here in Northeast Arkansas, but there aren't too many states I haven't traveled to in the South and East, but only a few West (I am to change that soon). I have also been to Canada and Mexico, but it's been quite a long time ago.

    And SHAME! All the way to Disney World and only Animal Kingdom? You MUST return and do it all!

    1. :D Thanks! We definitely plan to do a big Disney experience. I think with DD it will be pretty amazing. I'd like her to be at least 3 though I think before we attempt it. I'll have to do tons of research on your blog to figure out what we're going to do, etc.

  6. Sorry I'm way behind on reading blogs. Great list. I'm a Hoosier so it's nice to see Indiana on the list. Little Nashville is too fun but very not handicap accessible cause all the hills in the area. Great stitching update too.


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