Sunday, June 14, 2015


I posted about starting Blackwork Box of Delights by Elizabeth Almond, and got to here after my first night:

The next night I went right back to working on the border and I completed 3 more designs on the vertical edge and almost finished the horizontal edge. Then I added another box beside the first one, but it wasn't stitching up correctly. It turns out I made an error on the 4th border "flower" and miscounted one edge. That meant I had to unstitch all the other border flowers and the box I had just stitched as well, so I was left with this:

My new plan is to stitch more of the boxes and then the border since apparently I can't trust my counting. I've made a start and will put a progress pic up tomorrow. 

Hope everyone else had a better stitching weekend!



  1. Wretched frog! Don't know how he keeps sneaking in.

  2. That darn frog is sure making the rounds, I've seen him stop by multiple blogs now :)

  3. I hate the frog...

  4. Oh no. Sorry you made anti-progress. It's beautiful though!

  5. Thanks everyone. It does seem to have been a weekend full of frogs for many of us!

  6. I've got dozens of those Elizabeth Almond blackworks, but I'm too chicken to try one. Can't wait to see yours finished! At least you didn't get too awfully far before you found it. I like the term "anti-progress" though! I swear that Sleeping Beauty's Castle as been more anti-progress than progress, so I feel ya!

    1. This is my first. I like blackwork, and this seemed more manageable than Save the Stitches, although I love the look of that one too. This is a fairly small design, so it might be a good place to start.


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