Bucket List Fridays: Never Visited Vacation Destinations to See Before You Die

Feel free to join into Keebles' Bucket List Fridays! She posts the topic on the Wednesday before to give you time to get your post together. 


This will be pretty easy since I haven't been to that many places worldwide and shouldn't take long to determine my top 5. 

1. UK 

Although I've been to Europe I've never been to the UK. I would love to have a month to get a good idea of the whole area. My parents recently went to Scotland for two weeks and said that wasn't nearly enough time just for Scotland!

2. Disney World

This should be a fairly easy one to accomplish within the next few years. I can't wait to take DD there. I've never been, but DH has and really enjoyed it when he was a kid. 

3. California

California has always had that kind of mystical appeal to me and someday I'd love to visit.

4. East Coast of Canada

I've never been out east in Canada and the Maritime provinces are beautiful! Hopefully we can do a road trip with DD at some point when she's older and experience more of Eastern Canada and the U.S.

5. Australia/New Zealand

I have some very good cross stitch friends that live in Australia and it has that mystique as well. It would also be fun to see where they film all the movies in NZ now too. 

Don't forget to check back with Keebles' blog so you can see if anyone else posted their bucket lists. There are sure to be lots of good places to add to yours, or share yours with us as well! 

And for Keeb's, I stitched a little on Princess and the Dragon before I put it away for the New Year, so here's my last update this year. 
Max is observing...

Happy Stitching,



  1. Oh how I would love to go to Disney World before I can't walk anymore. Thanks for the giveaway win. I have emailed my address.


    1. Thanks Linda and yes, WDW seems pretty amazing when you check out all of Keebles photos. :)

  2. When you get ready for Disney World, you know who to contact! Great list too...we think alike! Glad to see Princess come back...I swear I'm in love with that fabric!

  3. Great places! I love Disney!! Gorgeous update on your Dragon and Princess. I agree with Keebles that fabric is breathtaking!!

  4. I've been to 3 out of your 5 and agree with Disney World (have been to Disneyland) and Australia/New Zealand. Great choices.

    Glad to see Princess & Dragon is seeing the light of day again.


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