Top 10 Tuesdays - 10 Things to Bring to a Deserted Island

I'm a week late on posting this, so I'll have two Top 10 Tuesdays posts today. This is last weeks:


1. Cross Stitch Stash
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If I could bring my cross stitch stash then I might actually be able to finish it all! That would be pretty amazing and currently highly improbably.

2. Books

Books would be extremely useful to keep insanity/loneliness at bay. I could even use them for kindling if I was desperate. And if I was trapped with someone else then they could read to me as I stitch. :)

3. Family

Does the island still count as deserted if I have family there? I would love to have DH and DD with me if I ever got marooned since I can't really imagine life without them. I lucked out with DH and at this point we're almost 17 years strong. And my cat fits in with family too. He'd have a great time exploring and getting himself stuck up trees, etc.

4. Music

It would be hard to live without my extensive play list, but certainly possible. I'd like something to make music with, although depending on the island there would be coconuts most likely. So I could pretend I was a horse if nothing else. ;)

5. Yarn

I also knit occasionally and have a decent amount of stash there too, so having that around might let me finish something and maybe even attempt another sweater or cables! Whoop!

6. Solar power

Some way to harvest the sun's energy to power things would be great. I doubt I can get electronic devices to survive sun and sand for very long, but possibly to power rudimentary mechanics? Or just some way to keep heat around overnight.

7. Chocolate or Cocoa Beans

If I could plant cocoa plants then I could have chocolate any time! Of course I'd also want some sugar cane so I could sweeten it likely. 

8. Sugar Cane

I have no idea how to care for this, but hopefully I could figure out how to grow it so I could have a sweet treat any time. 

9. Thick, durable clothes

If I'm going to be there a while, I'd like something that will last. Clearly these clothes will eventually fall apart, so unless I can figure out how to knit all articles of clothing, these initial clothes will need to be really good. 

10. Hiking boots

Like the above, something that would last for a good long while would be required. 

I hope you enjoyed the list and that you checked out Keebs' and Kate's lists last week. 

Happy Stitching,



  1. I think I'd like your deserted island.

  2. Some great choices there! I thought that was your actual cross stitch stash for a minute...


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