Top 10 Tuesdays - 10 Things to Leave on a Deserted Island

This week I'm posting on time, yay! And I hope you'll visit Kate's and Keebs' blogs to check out their lists. 


This one is a bit of a puzzler for me. Mostly all I can think of are old bosses or emotions that I don't like in myself like negativity and anxiety. But I don't really like to bring up old history since I know we learn from mistakes, etc., but if I dwell on them I start feeling crappy like I did when things happened. I'll do what I can and see if I can come up with 10. :)

1. Stephen Harper

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate what he did to Canada. I feel like when I was growing up Canada was respected and a peacekeeping nation. He wanted to destroy all our natural resources and sell them off to the highest bidder and forget about the Kyoto accords. I'm really happy he was finally ousted. 

2. Power Hungry Warlords

Unfortunately there's way too many of these to mention. It's a sad state, but that's where we are.

3. That Guy at the Dealer that "Fixed" my sunroof

The sunroof on my new car rattled. I talked to the dealer, they said bring it in to get it fixed. I brought it in. They "fixed" it. I went to put up the sun shade after I left the dealer and the entire thing fell out of the sunroof and all over the car and me as I was driving! And it was damaged of course. I turned around and went back to the dealer and they tried to make me pay for it.. No way, not happening. So they installed a new one crappily and it has folds... oh, and my sunroof still rattles.

4. People Who Turn Left in front of me at green lights

I don't know if this is just a Vermont thing, but it's incredibly common and so annoying and dangerous too!! I have no idea what they teach people here in driver's ed, but it's not working.

5. Mosquitoes

Since 90% of the bats have died in our area mosquitoes are rampant every year. I would love to never have to deal with them again. 

6. Graco strollers

We've had a ton of problems with this stroller since we got it. The wheels stick, the front jogging wheel gets locked for no reason, it's such a pain and I'm happy that I haven't managed to give DD whiplash when it stops suddenly for no reason. 

7. Oriental Bittersweet Vine

Our gardens and trees are infested with this horrible, invasive, murdering vine. It kills anything it can, even itself to use the dead branches as scaffolding to grow higher and higher. We saved a small maple tree the first year we moved in and it still has scars from the vine strangling it. We pull out reams and reams of it every year and it keeps coming back. It's not as strong, but we're looking at a 5 year plan to maybe get rid of it. 
my tree shortly after vine was removed
8. Yellow Hawkweed

Another very invasive plant, this time in the lawn. We have several patches that came with the house (!) and this year we tried a few different ways of getting rid of it. The best way seems to be burning the area with a torch and then putting down patch grass seed. That made a big difference in one large area. We hope to get the rest of it next year and keep it from making the lawn a big wasteland like it has to others in the area. 

This is a really cunning plant and if you try only cutting it with the lawnmower then it grows more linearly instead. And the roots have like 20 some odd rootlets per plant.. insane!

9. The Neverending Presidential Election Campaigns

It feels like as soon as a President is elected in the USA, then the race for re-election begins. This time has felt interminable and the election isn't even until next year! Granted some of the candidates are exciting, but this goes on way too long. I realize the media does it, but does anyone actually like this? I suppose they must or the media wouldn't make such a big deal over it. 

10. Yellow Jackets

After getting stung by one last year I hope to never have that happen again and never to anyone else either. That is incredibly painful and I don't think they're that useful, but I don't really know. If it doesn't damage the world irreparably let's stick them on a desert island.

Hope you enjoyed the list, what would you choose?



  1. Interesting topic choice. I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about what they would leave on a desert island before.

  2. See? You guys are MUCH better at this than me!

  3. Oh I loved your list! I laughed out loud at the stroller!


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