Turtle Trot - November Edition

We're on the home stretch fellow Trotters and now our host Claudette is back in the blogosphere as well, yay! Fingers crossed life continues to settle down for her. 

I worked extensively on Homeward Trail this month since I hoped to have it finished for a November birthday gift. It went from here:

the fabric is more blue like in the top photo, but when I finished I used a flat surface for the above photo and those lights are more yellow. The point is I'm done!!! So excited and I hope to get it mounted and framed tonight. I finally found a good 12x12 frame.

I had a moment of panic when I thought the top serged edge of the fabric might show through, but I think I'll be just okay. We'll see and fingers crossed!

I also finished July Song of the Weather:

and started August:

I have finished the Kloster blocks, but I forgot to take a new photo. This will clearly not be finished by the time I see my Grandma, but I might finish it in time for an Xmas present and my parents can pick it up when they visit. I was debating about taking it with me, but it's somewhat bulky and requires concentration during the wrapping at least. 

I'm still debating what projects I'll take with me. I'd like to make good progress on my new start of DD's stocking, but with all the colour changes that will be kind of involved as well I'd think. But it would be nice to be done for Christmas. Here's what it will look like:

I hope you all had a good month and Happy Turtling! I'm going to add Warbreaker and Skitzzzzz' fractal to my Turtle Trot list. They haven't been touched since January. That brings me back up to 10 projects in my list which will make it easy for next year if Claudette runs this again. I hope she feels up to it!



See you next month and Happy Stitching!



  1. Great progress and two finishes! Wow!

  2. Great progress this last month. Oh I love the stocking. Good luck with it! Love your two new turtle trot projects too.

  3. Hooray for thee finishes! Love that stocking and also your 2 additional projects.

  4. Congrats on the finishes!!
    I love the stocking!!!!

  5. Homeward Trail is looking great!! Looking forward to see your progress on the new pieces you added to the SAL


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