Thursday, November 5, 2015

What the? More Missing Stitches?

On Wednesday I posted about how I'd missed some stitches while I was completing the cross stitch and back stitch on Homeward Trail. I found one area while I was beading that I had missed and I thought I'd have a giveaway and see if anyone else could find where I missed stitches. 

Shelly of the An Arizona Stitcher blog found even more stitches I had missed!! Some I hadn't even noticed! So a big prize coming to you Shelly and my sincere thanks. 

Here's the original photo again:

And these were the missing stitches I was talking about originally:

I had forgotten the bottom right arrow within the bottom oval. I noticed it as I added beads around the stitching so it now looks like the others like this:

But Shelly noticed I had missed some other stitches entirely and I didn't even see these ones:

I tried to center the area as much as possible so you can see what's missing. There should be a group of 4 stitches in a cross like you can see diagonally downward and left and the same diagonally downward and left again in the repeated pattern. It's there in the original photo (the first one in this post) as well. This photo above looks a little more blue since it's my I-thought-I-was-finished photo. 

Now you'll have to wait one more day while I finish this off for real this time. :) 

Thank you again Shelly! And please email me if you didn't receive my email. 

Happy Stitching,



  1. Well, I'll be doggoned! Thank you for your generosity. This was a unique little contest you put on. I do want to say that I'm not above missed stitches, frog-inspired mistakes, miscounting, etc. etc! Sometimes another pair of eyes catches these things. Can't wait to see how you'll finish Homeward Trail. Thanks again!

  2. Glad they got found before you had it completely finished.

  3. che bello avere amiche così e il ricamo ora è perfetto

  4. Well done Shelly! I still can't see the missing stitches. Maybe the reason I don't stitch designs as intricate as this! It's absolutely beautiful. Is it worth going over it with a magnifying glass? !

  5. Congrats to Shelly for spotting the missing bits!!
    I still can't see what's missing but it doesn't matter: I still think you have worked wonders on this beautiful piece :)

  6. Shelly's definitely got a good eye! Projects like this remind me why I've gotten lazy and prefer HAED's! I would have never found them myself!

  7. I looked at this for ages and couldn't see anything haha, this is why i need to draw all over my charts!

  8. Glad you found them now. Great job Shelly!


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