Stitch From Stash Part B - October Edition and Homeward Trail Update

Month:     $25 for October
Spent:      $3 for Halloween Silhouette from Charting Creations
Earned:    $6 each for May, June and July Song of the Weather
               $8 for Dimensions Joy
Carryover:$107 from August
Total: $155 to carryover into November

And check out Mel's host blog to see how everyone else did this week!

Here's the photos of the finishes:
Dimensions Joy ornament

I hope to finish the rest of the months of Song of the Weather by the end of November, and Homeward Trail, so my total should keep going up. And I've got some of next year's planning ready so I think I'll try and keep this up next year to see how much stash I can get through. 

Here's Homeward Trail so far and the fabric is blue but the new iteration of Google Photos is ridiculously bad to work with and continues to make it look grey:

I hope everyone else had a great month and happy stitching!



  1. Beautiful stitching! I really love that Dimensions ornament, it's so colourful. Well done on keeping well within your budget.

  2. Great job! I couldn't stay on budget so you are better than me haha.

  3. Well done on sticking well under budget and getting some great finishes :)

  4. You're doing really well with your budget - and some lovely finishes to go with it.


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