Update and a Throwback Thursday

As promised, although this is a little later than I anticipated posted today, here is my update on Homeward Trail:

I'm definitely getting there. The satin B5200 is still fairly easy to work with and I think I'll use it on another project next year. 

And for your patience, here's a throwback to pre-2010! It was a Janlynn kit I believe, Circle of Wolves maybe? 

Try and ignore the fold lines please. I have just put it in this frame as a surprise for DH. There was something else there before and it took him only about an hour to notice, good for him!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Homeward Trail is positively beautiful.
    The colors are striking.
    The wolves are fantastic.


  2. Beautiful Progress on Trail. Love he wolves, so pretty.

  3. Homeward Trail looks amazing! I love your wolves. I can beat that. My husband failed to notice a finish I had framed and hung on our dining room wall for 3 MONTHS!!!

  4. Love them both. Good job hubby!

  5. Homeward Trail looks wonderful. Love the wolves. Only an hour huh - not bad at all.

  6. Lovely stitching Tiffany.



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