Sunday, October 11, 2015

Turtle Trot - October Edition (late!)

I forgot about Turtle Trot yesterday! I have a great excuse and I did a lot of stitching, but I'm still annoyed I forgot. 

My excuse is taking an epic fall from my bike yesterday morning. I didn't unclick my shoes like I should have as we neared a road and when DH warned me a car was coming I toppled over when I stopped since my feet were still attached to my bike. 

I'm okay, just some bruises and I got back on my bike and biked for a while longer. I iced my knees when I got home, but I didn't ice my hip as much as I should have. It's okay enough for me to try hockey tonight though. I haven't played in years and I can't wait to try it again. 

But on to stitching! For Turtle Trot:

Song of the Weather:
So far:

I have some hope of finishing this up this year and with luck by November. :)

Homeward Bound I worked on yesterday and it progressed well from here:
to here:

I think that's a good amount for a day of stitching, but I only stitched since I couldn't do anything else. So I don't know that I will be able to get this much done every weekend, but I'm happy that I managed a fair bit. The confetti is done in the center circle and the B5200 satin wasn't too much of a pain to work with. 

Happy Stitching and don't forget to unclick your bike shoes at every crossing. :)



  1. Great progress on your Turtle Trot - hope your not too sore this morning!

  2. So glad your okay Tiffany. The soreness will kick in in a few days. Lovely stitching.


  3. Lovely stitching. Hope you're not too sore from the fall.

  4. Ouch. Hope you get pain free soon! Your stitching looks fantastic. The B5200 looks beautiful!


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