Saturday, October 3, 2015

YOTA SAL - October Edition

Here we are again on the first Saturday of the month, so it must be YOTA SAL check-in time. Don't forget to visit Pull The Other Thread for info on YOTA and show off your progress on your UFOs and check out everyone's posts.

As I talked about in my post last month, I did a lot more work on the Dimensions Joy ornament and managed to finish all the stitching!

I also picked up the Song of the Weather SAL and managed to finish through May. February was in my last YOTA post, so these are the other months:

Caron Alpine Moss on 18 count Anne Cloth
Caron Monsoon on 18 count Anne Cloth - same as above but looks yellow for some reason

Caron Pale Lilac on 18 count Anne Cloth
Caron Lilac on 18 count Anne Cloth

I plan on working on a month at a time with other projects in between. Hardanger seems to be hard on my wrists, even though I enjoy stitching it. 

I'm working on a couple non-CJC projects currently and will get back to a CJC project before going back to the June hardanger square. I've finished 6/10 of my "hope I finish this year" projects from this post and I'm debating about picking one of them or something entirely different. 

Work was a little stressful the past couple of weeks, so I was thinking about a larger count project, or something that's over 2 instead of Princess and the Dragon being 28 count over 1. We'll see. I'm very close to finishing a page on Princess, so I might continue on and finish before moving on to something else. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and happy stitching!



  1. Sorry to hear you had a few stressful weeks. Wow so much beautiful stitching, well done on all the Hardanger.

  2. Your Joy is looking joyful and beautiful:) lovely SAL pieces. Hope your work is less stressful now.

  3. Lovely stitching and finishes Tiffany.


  4. Wow! Congrats on all your amazing finishes!
    Hopefully work issues don't have you so stressed today.


Thanks for any comments!

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