Theme-tas-Stitch: March Madness!

Now that it's March 21st it's time to check in with Kerry, the host of our monthly SAL, Theme-tas-Stitch. This month the goal is to stitch on as many projects as you can, and I've stitched on more individual projects this month than I have since doing the January/February challenge last year. I've posted a lot of these already, so let's do a recap:

Princess and the Dragon went from here on March 1st:
to here on March 8:

Dragon Under Glass moved along:
 Bailey Basset got a little filled in:
Moon Hare had another strand or so:
 Mini Winter Magic got some love:
 New start with Mini Autumn's Promise:
 A finish on March's calendar design
Kiss for a Snowman

I've also started April's monthly calendar and worked on the Under the Sea SAL, but I had to frog a large section of the shark last night and have apparently forgotten to take any photos lately. I'll try and add those photos soon. I think I got so obsessed involved in finishing the shark I haven't taken any other WIPs out. :)

I thought I'd stitched on a few more than this, I'll have to make up for it next week and maybe this weekend and try and get a little more done. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. Wow you worked on a whole bunch of different pieces. They are all fantastic. Keep it up!

  2. Great work Tiff, you've worked on some lovely pieces. I've had one piece take up more time than I wanted this month.

  3. Loved seeing all the projects you worked on. Can't wait to see more progress on them.

  4. Wow you worked on so many beautiful projects this month.

    1. Thank you! I'm enjoying trying a few different things this month.

  5. You certainly had a mad month! Can't wait to see what you choose for April.

  6. A lot of little crosses added on a lot of projects!! Have fun with the remaining of the month :)

  7. Lovely stitching!! You made good stitching progress on all.

  8. Awesome progress Tiffany. Wow looks like you have several BAP's in there.


  9. You worked on so many wonderful projects - I really love the fabric for the Princess and the Dragon. So many of your projects are so large!!! And you are making great progress

  10. Plenty of delightful madness here! So many dragons too. How many of your WIPs feature dragons?

  11. My goodness you have so many lovely designs going.
    I am excited to see the finish on Princess and The Dragon.


  12. Plenty of madness for March, well done.

  13. Nice job! I always think it's fun to roll through all the WIPs like this!

  14. Wow! Tiffany, it looks like you got heaps done to me! Well done!

  15. Great progress on your projects, Tiff! It looks like a very productive month.

  16. Oh my, you really followed this month's theme. Thee are a lot of projects that you pulled out and stitched on. Great job on all of them.

  17. What a great month for you! So much progress on so many lovely projects.

  18. WOW!!! You have such amazing projects going!!!!!


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