Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WIP Wednesday and the Madness Begins!

I'm still a little down about not getting the shark done, but you can check out Katie's and Kate's versions to see how they stitched theirs so beautifully. Mine will have to wait a little while until SAL week comes up again. I might have to steal Kate's idea of stitching teeth for the shark, that looks cool! 

Here it is so far:

and I also started a little bit of Palko-lap's March calendar when I had a small amount of stitching time this past week. This is on unknown hand-dyed fabric with Jodyri thread Diligence:

I will be putting this one down as well until the 2nd week of March, unless I get any travel time when I'm the passenger, then this will travel with me. It seems unlikely since DH now has whatever DD had and she's still getting over it. Fingers crossed I don't catch it too!

Tonight is also the start of Theme-tas-Stitch March Madness hosted by Kerry. It's a very laid back SAL if you'd like to join. I think I will go a little mad and try and work on a different project every day. It might be a challenge over the BAP week, but maybe I can get some new starts Linda. ;) 

I plan to get out Princess and the Dragon tonight and although I may not update every day, I'll try and update at least weekly. 

Here's a preview of where it was last:

I will likely continue outlining, but that may depend on how busy it is at home. I might only be up to filling in by the time DD goes to bed. 

Happy Stitching everyone!



  1. Everything is looking good! Love that dragon!

  2. Wonderful progress Tiffany. I think you should start a new project everyday in March even if it is only one stitch. lol


    1. I don't think I'm up for that, although I'm debating about something for A-Z and that might involve a lot of new starts. :)

  3. You have stitched on three lovely projects and made some nice progress.
    Enjoy the March Madness. It sounds so very tempting ...

  4. che belli, usi sempre delle stoffe stupende

  5. Lovely stitching and great fabrics.Hope everyone gets better soon.

  6. Good stitching progress. I hope your family feels better soon.

  7. Such great fabrics for these projects. Get well wishes for the poorly folks.

  8. Beautiful progress with your Under the Sea piece. I saw the new cute piece last night. Good luck with your March plans. I will enjoy cheering you along.

  9. I hope DH and DD are better soon. I've finally made plans for March Madness! You have some gorgeous WIPS so I'm sure your only problem will be deciding which ones to choose!

  10. Great progress, I love the Under the sea SAL!!!
    Fantastic dragon design too.
    Have fun with the March Madness :)

  11. Nice progress. I love the way the dragon is growing and that fabric is gorgeous.
    I have stitched four different projects so far this month but I really want to focus on one once I complete my SALs so I am not sure how I will get the madness into March yet!

  12. The octopus looks great, you chose such a pretty fabric - I can't wait to see the shark on that :)


Thanks for any comments!

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