Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DUCFJC 2016 - February 17 - Ocean Curiosity

Today's start is brought to you by the fabulous Mel Hicks, whom many of you know. She sent me the !?Who Knew?! Ocean Curiosity chart from her stash so I could stitch it for DD. 

I debated about fabric for quite a while before settling on an interesting purple fabric from Colour Cascade Fabrics. This was part of a special sale on her Facebook page a couple years ago and  she posts a lot of inside info there, so I'd recommend following her. She's carrying her own hand-dyed threads as well.

I'll have to work on getting a better photo of the fabric. This shows it as more blue than it really is. It's a definite light mottled purple and I'm using WDW Michael's Navy which is darker than is shown in this photo. I'm stitching 2 over 1 on 18 count Aida. 

There's not a lot of horizontal clearance on this fabric, so I'm debating about squeezing the elements together a little to create a little more room. I'm not too worried since like Chromatic Alchemy, CCF also serges the edges of their fabric, so there's no worry about anything unraveling. 

I'm happy with it so far, and it's been an easy stitch too. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. That's a great start for today. The blue on lilac should make for an interesting contrast. :)

  2. That's beautiful! It's hard to get a good photo of fabric, I find. My colours tend to get washed out.

  3. Stunning chart and lovely fabric choice.

  4. This is a great design and I love the fabric.
    I usually put my WIPs on the scanner to get a true picture of the colour. Purple is the worst for getting an accurate photo!
    I think you could move the motifs around quite a bit to change the composition and still look good.

  5. Great chart & lovely choice of fabric too :)
    I find it so hard to take picture of fabric, the colour effects seem to disappear as soon as I press the button!!

  6. What a wonderful start! Great fabric, too :)

  7. This will be gorgeous! Lovely start.

  8. I think I have that one hidden away. Beautiful choices! Can't wait to watch it grow.

  9. That's a great chart and your fabric sounds perfect for it. Very nice start.


Thanks for any comments!

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