DUCJFC 2016 - February 24 - Snow Guide

Thank you for all your comments on yesterday's new start. I had a plan for these last few days, but I keep changing my mind as I look through things. 

I ended up starting a chart that's been sitting in my stash for years. This is what it will look like when complete:
from Lizziekate.com

I used the last bit of 14 count Aida to make this start, although it's only just barely long enough. I might leave the little sled and bottom snowflakes off the design. 

I dug through my stash for a floss toss:

 Here's where I managed to get to tonight:

And this is my Dad, who fell asleep while writing. It's a phenomenon that hits my Grandma as well, so I'm curious if it will affect me in a few years. :)

Thanks for visiting and all your encouragement, less than week to go!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Ah come on Tiffany, you can keep going. Love your new start. I need to pull my chart out and start it.


  2. I've got so used to seeing your daily posts I hadn't twigged how close to the end of the challenge you were! Another lovely start today. Only 5 more to go!! :)

  3. Ooh I like this one! I hope you get to finish many of your new starts, you chose some really lovely charts.

  4. That's a great chart and I love the fabric you've chosen! It always feels so good to start something that's been in your stash for so long.

    It probably stinks to fall asleep mid-task, but that is just the cutest photo of your dad!

  5. I really like today's start, of course, being a LK :) Great choice of fabric again!
    Smiling at your dad's picture! Amazing phenomenon that comes with age :)

  6. L*K designs are always so lovely, this ones great.
    Super pic of your dad ... bless him!

  7. Love the fabric your stitching this one on. Too pretty! LOL at your dad.

  8. My 30-something sister does the exact same thing...falls asleep, pen or mouse in hand, seemingly frozen in time (until the loud snoring starts!).

  9. Great new start. You'll have to be careful if you fall asleep with a needle in your hand!
    I fell asleep mid-sentence once. I was a passenger in a car and really tired. The driver said I was talking and just slurred to a stop and was sound asleep!

  10. Another wonderful choice and I really like the fabric you picked.

    Excellent picture of your dad.


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