DUCJFC 2016 - February 2 - Twilight LeMans WIP and Progress on KLT's OWL SAL

Thanks for all your comments on continuing on with the challenge and about yesterday's WIP. It's time for another one today!

The Twilight LeMans WIP is part of Heritage Stitching's Twilight series. I really like the look of these and I hope I have the chance to pick up the Bike Shop one soon. I think it's discontinued at this point, but if anyone is looking to get rid of theirs, please let me know. :)

This is a photo of the finished design:

And where I was last January:
And tonight:

The second photo seems a little more realistic colour-wise. I have the start of headlights from one vehicle. Oddly, DH and I recently watched a documentary on the LeMans course from the perspective of JOTA's racing team. It was a good watch. I think it was called Road to LeMans or something like that. It's narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, so it was nice to listen to as well. 

I also put a little bit more work into the KLT Owl SAL since the 2nd owl came out last week. Here's my update:

 And a little floss-toss so you can see the fun Jodyri thread (A Dory Moment). 

Happy Stitching!



  1. I like the Twilight series and may consider them many years down the line after I have finished all of my similar Silhouettes! Le Mans looks great, so atmospheric. And owl's coming along nicely too. :)

  2. Lovely projects!! Twilight looks great but I find it difficult to stitch with colors similar to the shade of the fabric.

  3. Bothe lovely projects though I agree with Preeti about stitching on similar colours - too hard on my eyes! Your Jodyri thread is lovely!

  4. Both are great project & you made really good progress.

  5. That's a haunting piece....beautiful. Great progress on both of them.

  6. Love both your projects Tiffany and nice progress.


  7. It shall forever be known as the Dory Owl!

  8. The LeMans piece is looking great. I have a number of those charts but not that one (I think) as I'm not into cars. Love the owl - he's so cute.


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