Friday, February 26, 2016

DUCJFC 2016 - February 26 - Collect Moments

I'm changing my plans up again and I decided to start another small project. You may have seen this one recently stitched up beautifully by Mii Stitch

I've changed up the colours from the recommended colours because I like to try and use up my variegated threads. The blue/purple is WDW and I think the pink is a Dinky Dyes from an oops pack, so I'm not sure what colour it is. 

I'm stitching 2 over 1 on 20 count fabric I think. 

It was a decent start and tonight I had my stitching spot back because my parents had to go back home this morning. I hope DD doesn't miss them too much. 

Happy Stitching, 3 more days to go!



  1. Lovely new start.I'm starting to like LK designs a lot.

  2. If only us cross stitchers (who tend to collect far too much stash) could take heed of that saying! But I fear it's too late for most of us. Lovely start Tiff. I like the blue. :)

  3. Lovely start! This design lends itself perfectly to using up bit of thread.

  4. Fantastic start. Hope you had a lovely visit.

  5. Beautiful start! I like the changes you've made in the color.

  6. Good start. Good for you re threads. I need to follow your example - I have a lot of partial skeins of non-DMC that should be used up.

  7. I'm with Rachel - not the most appropriate design for a mammoth start challenge LOL
    But that's the nice thing about blogging, you are accumulating friends as well as starts.

  8. Oh yes, I thoroughly enjoyed stitching this one and I'm sure you will too :)
    I love your take on the colours too!!
    I haven't been that adventurous & stuck to the preconized ones ;)


Thanks for any comments!

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