DUCJFC 2016 - February 10 - Joy Snowglobe Ornament

Thank you for all your comments on my owl! I couldn't stay away and progressed a little farther on him tonight:

See how closely they're linked? And technically it's one strand on the left and 2 on the right, but that's how it worked out, so here we are. I don't think it will bother me, at least I will try not to let it. 

Also, I'm starting another new one today. I picked up a few of these small kits on Amazon with a gift card I received for Christmas. I was undecided about starting them until I changed up what I had planned for February. 

I grabbed a bunch of my kit stash and showed them to DD so I could see if she liked any of them. She kept going back to the Santa snowglobe, so that's what I'm going to start tonight. It was cute because she wanted me to open it so I would "read" her the story. 

It will look like this when finished:

I'm hoping this might be a finish for Xmas, but we'll see how it goes with all the other starts. 

This is so far tonight:

Happy Stitching,



  1. Your DD chose a lovely piece. Good progress on the owls too. :)

  2. Good progress on owl. Lovely snow globe piece, definitely a cute choice from your daughter:)

  3. What lovely new start. I love snow globes and I'm sure you'll finish it on time for next Christmas!

  4. The owls are so cute! I love the eyes!
    Great new start. I collect snow globes, so I'm partial to this! I think you'll have it done for Christmas, too:)

  5. The owl is really shaping up quickly!
    And that snow globe piece is very nice, huzzah for DD's choice.

  6. The owl looks great. I see the spacing now and I think it looks just fine. If you are happy that's all that matters. I just LOVE your snow globe. Adorable!!!

  7. I love the owl's eyes Tiffany. Cute ornament and start.


  8. I love the little snowglobe - what a cute design! If your daughter chose it then you just HAVE to finish it for Christmas....

  9. I'm so glad you're still hangin on...just think of all the great projects you'll have when all this is over with!

  10. I'm behind again! Excellent progress on the owl and your DD made a great choice with the snowglobe.


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